Gringotts ride question

On Touring plans for March 5th Tp is giving me a 9 minute wait around 10 -am. With this being fairly new ride, does that seem right? The crowd level is expected to be a 5 As a matter of fact all the waits seem short. Anyone have experience with the wait times and Universally using Tp?

my son had me chck if we had the uni express on, and I don’t but on the plans it says we do, so I tried optimize it hoping it would disappear, but it didn’t. Any suggestions?

I don’t know, it seemed to fix itself but now has Grigotts at 8 minutes, still seems weird,

Email webmaster@touringplans with your url /plan number You are correct it seems too low. I would expect at least 30 mins wait. It might be a glitch or last year might have been really quiet that day.

Thanks I will do that