Gringotts rd question

Would I be better off to enter during normal hours and go straight to Gringotts, or would I be better to do early entry at ioa and ride train over and get in line before the rest of the crowd is let in? Wait says 48 min at 9:08 am.

What time of the year are you going? While not announced Universal might have USF and IoA open for early entry both days.

USF usually opens Diagon Alley half an hour before official park opening. If Gringotts is a priority ride during early entry, that first half hour before official park opening, or around the last 90 minutes of the day.

We have 3 days, may 25 (Memoial Day)-May 27. Plan to do universal may 25. Islands may 26 and repeat favorites at both parks on May 27. Crowd levels 8-9.

I will have early entry.

Current advice from @Skubersky is to avoid EFG at rd. Do a tp and it will show less wait time later in the day.Normally after 4pm is best. You can do 3/4 other rides during the time it takes to do EFG at rd

I would follow our 2 park 2 day plan, then do the 2 park highlights on the 3rd day.
If early entry is only at IOA (as is currently scheduled) do Hogsmeade 1st on one morning, and do Despicable Me on the other. Gringotts won’t start running until official park open but you can queue 30min early. The train from IOA will get you to Diagon shortly after guests entering USF from the front gates.
Read this for more info:

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Does Gringotts have single rider?

Yes but you miss the 2 pre shows in the bank and the lift. The single rider line is not always open though and they generally shut it when its busy.

That’s rubbish, we love the single rider lines - we rode FJ 3 times in 30 minutes on our last trip when the posted time was 80 minutes. I think that’s worth missing the preshows for!!

Thanks for your reply.

The single rider line at FJ is great because it’s usually 20% or less of the standby wait, and you can experience almost all of the regular queue by taking the castle tour. Gringotts is different because the singles line is often 30-50% of standby, and you completely miss the preshows. Gringotts is a good ride but a great attraction only when experienced as a whole, the queue is as much a part of the experience as the ride and everyone should go through it on their first visit at least.