Grinchmas, etc

So we are starting to plan for a potential May 2023 family trip to UOR. We will likely get APs since it will be cheaper than tickets for 7 days.

This got my wife to thinking about perhaps getting our AP early enough ahead of our December 2022 WDW trip. If we did, we might be able to hop over to UOR to check it out for Christmas (and probably snag a ride on VC). It wouldn’t cost anything extra. We just would need to carve out some time from one of our days that we were planning to do a little more relaxing.

Has anyone been to UOR ahead of Christmas (early December)? Would it be worth checking out Grinchmas there, etc?

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We wanted to but didn’t, however, their Christmas stuff begins about the same time as WDW’s holiday celebrations do. When you get closer you can check b/c they have free Mannheim Steamroller concerts for AP holders there (if you like them). This year is was the first two weekends in December. Mannheim Steamroller Concerts, Holiday Food, and More Announced for 2021 at Universal Orlando Resort (

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We really enjoyed Grinchmas! And the light show at Hogwarts.


I went in December 2019. I am at work and can’t download photos but we loved the Grinch breakfast (if they offer it).

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That was in the old Blue Man Group theater correct?

Those Hogwarts photos are AMAZING.


We went early December twice, and loved it! It was very festive with music, decor everywhere including Cabana Bay, warm (not hot) weather, etc. The Hogwarts castle show was beautiful, and we absolutely loved Grinchmas. I would recommend going at that time. If you have the Seasonal pass, be aware that there are concerts every weekend including Friday, and you won’t be allowed in Universal Studios. If it wasn’t for the UI those first two weekends, we would’ve tried to go last month.


I am a relative newbie to Universal so I’m not familiar with what was there before, but based on the size, that sounds right!

I have so many amazing pictures of the castle from that night!

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The theater is just outside the entrance to USF.

2021 Grinch show was in the old BMG theater. (Pours out a beer)

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Thanks for the input, to everyone. We do plan to just get the Seasonal pass, because none of the blockout dates are during the time we will be there. But it is good to know about the Friday night concerts.

We think it would be fun to check out…on the other hand, we don’t want to overload our trip. We like the relaxed vibe we had in 2020, and hope to have a similarly relaxed vibe this time. So, we don’t want squeezing in a visit to UOR be for naught! We wouldn’t really be going there for rides (other than VC…which my wife didn’t get a chance to ride when we were there in May 2021, even some of us did), but just to experience the Christmas ambiance.

I’m popping my head out of lurking for a moment :rofl: We activated our seasonal pass in August. In mid-november I took my daughters, mother, and niece for the opening weekend of the holiday festivities. I would absolutely recommend it. You can have a great time even just going for the holidays and no rides. I was impressed and surprised with the quality of the Grinchmas show, the parade was amazing, and all the holiday extras were just so much fun. Here are some pics of a few things that we experienced!