Grinch Virtual Line Questions


Can anyone direct me to more information on the Grinch VQ? What time can you “get in line”? When does the line usually get closed/filled? How long of a time frame are you given and how late can you be? (If you are in line for Hagrid’s and can’t make it, for example.) And how long do you wait in an actual line once you’re there?

Thanks for any information you can provide. We will be there this week.

I can tell you they were released at 8:40 this morning and gone in seconds. I was on the app and tried to reserve two different time slots and they were gone before I could.

I’m glad we reserved the VIP tour & grinch breakfast. It’ll be difficult to see him otherwise.


Yep! You have to be inside the park’s Geofence and be watching the app before the parks open. It’s a tough item to get!! Good luck!!

Typically, from what I’ve seen from vloggers you do wait for 10 - 15 minutes after your time is called. I doubt they’ll turn you away if you come back in a “reasonable” time. (Don’t wait 2 + hours to come back, but 20 minutes is probably not an issue

If meeting the Grinch truly is on your Must-Do list. You need to consider doing a VIP tour.

All the Grinch character breakfast dates are sold out as of this morning. (I checked last week and there were only a couple scattered days left then)

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Thanks you two! I will give it an attempt, but sounds like it will not happen. My teens don’t care, but I thought it sounded fun!

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