Green screen photo locations?

Are there any green screen photo locations open still? Bonus for ones that take the Photo card?

Not sure I can convince my kids, but since my mom is coming, maybe I can convince them of the keepsake potential! :joy:

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The Dark Room in USF and Spiderman M&G in IoA are the two I saw up and running last summer.

The Gringotts one was closed.

There’s also Shutterbuttons, but I think they only do the video. I’m not sure if they do photos.

I last went Feb 12-14.

The Dark Room at USF is closed for good to make way for the new permanent tribute store location. In the line for Gringotts, you can do the security photo. If you have EP (and therefore don’t pass the photographer) or if you don’t want to wait in line for just the photo, you can go to Shutterbuttons to get the security photo. If you wanted it printed out, you’d have to go back to Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment to get it printed out. The people printing my photos told me the quality of the camera is better at Shutterbuttons than in the Gringotts queue. I know the two photos i had printed out were perfect. Shutterbuttons can also do some specialty photos that put you in Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley, but those are not including with the photo card.


Aw, that’s a shame.
Although Tribute stores are cool :sunglasses:

There still a bunch of “photo ops” with practical sets, like a Tex-Rex, BttF Delorean and such!

Awesome, thank you!

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