Green, goblin-looking cocktail glass

I’ve had a request to buy a “green, goblin-looking” cocktail glass for a friend during my next trip. Apparently someone on property they sell cocktails in this glass and you can keep the glass.

Anyone any idea what the hell this is?

Sounds like Trader Sam’s.

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Trader Sams or Oga’s?

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Hey, I’m willing to help out here! If I remember correctly, @mousematt isn’t a drinker, and since I will be there at the same time that he is there, and since both Oga’s and Trader Sams are on my agenda, I’d be happy to empty the glass for you. Of course, I have no idea what the glass is or where to find it, but if we figure it out, let me know and I’ll take care of the drinking :crazy_face:


Pretty sure @mousematt drinks, but not the fru-fru drinks…

It’s the glass the “zombie” comes in at Trader Sam’s at the Poly. I believe the color of the cup varies - maybe a seasonal thing? - but that’s your place. I bought one a few years back…it’s my “Halloween cup” I drink from on Halloween night. :woman_zombie:

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Winner winner chicken dinner!

(not my picture, found on the googles)


Do you even know me at all.

First off, I drink very little because I’m too old and it just makes me sleepy.

Secondly, I’m a gay. Of course I drink the fru-fru drinks.

What? You think I drink beer?


You drink Baileys with coffee, that is NOT fru-fru. Fru-fru is like flowery drinks. That’s not you, is it? Fru-fru is not synonymous with gay.

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Bailey’s in any form is pretty fru-fru

This is NOT a @mousematt comment. Please don’t turn a flame-thrower on me: I’m sitting over in the corner having quality time with Pooh, Dumbo, and Baby Yoda in our Disney creche room


Nope. Don’t agree. :crazy_face:

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so you are a fru-fru drinker :-):grin:

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You were all correct. My friend confirmed this is the glass he wants. Many thanks to all!


OMG! I was already planning on going to Trader Sam’s on my next visit, now I have another “must get” souvenir! I love zombie themed stories / movies. Now, I can combo my love of Disney with it! Plus, even though I too am old and alcohol makes me bloated and sleepy now, it sounds like a great drink.

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That glass is Ugly. Sorry.

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Oh please we all know you drink whiskey on ice in a red velvet nightgown and Sherlock hunting cap, your hunting hound at your feet. There’s nothing fru fru about that.