Grand Floridian - What might I miss?

I know, I know, I hate these types of posts but… I’m doing it anyway.

I’ve a three day Grand Flo trip coming up with my wife and 2 and 4 year old. We’ve a VIP tour one day and then have our park plans sorted for the other days. We’ve only stayed at POFQ before and was wondering if those who have stayed at The Flo could share some of their favorite things to do to make the most of the resort? Obviously the kiddos will love the pool, but anything else we should seek out or try and do? Are there any character M&Gs? We once met Mr Smee by the pool at PO.

Also do we really need to make a ADR for the cafe if we’re planning to dine around 5 / 6 pm or should we be fine with a walk up?

Thanks so much in advance…

I can’t speak to the rest of your post, as I’ve not stayed at GF before. But I will caution against relying on walk-up for any restaurant that is a “must do” for you, or for which your timing is not very flexible. Even as GFC tends to have decent availability.

For the grownups, be sure to visit Enchanted Rose


Definitely make a reservation for GFC. It rarely has walkup availability, but you can normally wait to make reservations much closer to your date. The 2 pools are great and there’s sometimes a piano player in the lobby. There is a special photo op with Cinderellas glass slipper on the 2nd floor between the bird cage elevator and the store.


I had no idea about the Slipper and I’ve been doing some online research! Great tip, thank you.

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They just started doing it a couple months ago. There’s a photopass photographer there and they take a ton of pictures bc it’s not ever really busy.


Such good knowledge - the princess procession is still on hold isn’t it?

There is?! I must have walked right by it a million times

Also the bird cage makes me think of the lady that used to sit in the lobby :cry:

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The pianist still plays and takes requests too.

I love browsing the shops at GF too, much nicer than the usual resort stores.

And take a walk at least to the swing bridge if you can. You can see the moored barges for the EWP down the canal.

You can also watch the fireworks and EWP from the beach too.


I have no idea about that.

Yeah… they started doing it fairly recently since BBB is still closed and that’s where it used to be.

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Oh okay. So I haven’t walked right past it then.

Do you know I never made it into GF this last trip, or the one before it, or the one before that?

The last time I was at GF I think may have been was while on my pre-covid solo trip in Jan 2020. I had a dole whip at Poly after exiting MK via the big ferry to TTC, then I went to Enchanted Rose and my TA boss found me there and we had a little visit :slight_smile:

Edit: I did walk through the grounds this past January in search of that glorious path to MK

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Here a couple pics that we got with the glass slipper last month. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey that’s cute!!!


The photographer was fabulous. She made DS feel like such a superstar. Disney magic :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


I’ve never stayed there, but we made sure to visit it in our December 2019 trip. Don’t forget to see the orchestra/band in the evening, and find a CM who can show you around all of the hidden images in the floor and wallpaper, etc.



@QwertySC , I hate to break this to you but you must have missed the news. The orchestra was axed. The gallery they used to play in was taken over by the new lounge.

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Oh that’s sad. Guess I’m glad I got to experience that.

I was going to say with kids those ages, finding the characters in the tile could entertain for hours.

Like @Nicky_S I love the shops. DD11 really like to go by there and browse.

The pools are some of my favorites. Taking the boat over to MK is awrsome.

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