Grand Floridian tips

Good morning all!

Thanks to the MVT Labor Day deal, DH, DS9 and I will be staying at the Grand Floridian for the first time. And right now, I’m so exhausted from moving to a new house from the one we’ve lived in for the past 15 years that I can barely think or get excited (it has been an emotional rollercoaster - I told DH we are never moving again so I hope he likes this house!). Hoping you might have some fun tips or info for me that will get me in the mood for what I’m hoping will be an amazing trip.


We had a lagoon view at Boca Chica a few years ago that was sublime. Castle view framed by trees was great. Typically taking the monorail to MK and the boat back is most efficient as the boat stops at the Poly after GF. Some time in the lobby while the band is playing is worth it to hear them a little as it is a unique feel. Make sure to catch the Electric Water Pageant some night either from your room or the beach depending on your view.

If going to Epcot pre-Rope Drop, check if the monorail is running or if they will have buses going instead. We made the assumption and found ourselves stranded at the TTC w/o the Epcot monorail running. Fortunately a CM called us a bus to Epcot from the TTC, but we ended up a little late for Garden Grill - no biggie really, just a few minutes more wait at Soarin’ in the end, but it was a little disconcerting for a while…


Thank you! DH would be having a coronary about the Epcot deal. Good to know ahead of time!


Gasparilla grill is a great place to grab some food and sit outside on the deck, you can see the castle and watch the fireworks from there. The food is good. Mizners lounge is lovely for a drink and they have a band playing some evenings. Transport links were great when we went (last October) and we had no problems, even the buses were reliable and the waits fairly short. We ate at Narcoossee one evening and it was one of our best meals, we also saw the water pageant whilst eating. The Cafe has delicious breakfast/brunch menu and 1900 Park Fare is a great place for character meals…we had breakfast with the Mad Hatter and Co and is was really entertaining and I’ve heard the dinner version with the ugly sisters is equally so! The pools are spacious and when we went they were pretty empty. Service is excellent, I believe they have the most CM to guest ratio. The walk along the lagoon to the Poly is worth doing, very pleasant. And the Poly is a lively place to shop and eat. There is also a great assortment of shops, at the GF, though some things are a little pricy. And of course you have the spa, we didn’t use it but I know it gets excellent reviews. Some people thinks it may be a bit ‘stuffy’ and ‘posh’, but I didn’t feel it was like that at all!
We loved staying at the GF, we usually stay at WL, so much so that we have booked to go again this Christmas. You will love it!


We’ve stayed there twice. Trust me on this … as you walk into the lobby of the GF to check in, your house moving stress will be a forgotten memory. Everything about the GF is wonderful: lobby, room, restaurants, pool, grounds, cast members, scenery, yes, even access to the monorail. Sit back, relax and take it all in.

My only tip is this … at our last stay my wife & I walked up to the front desk at 10:30 AM one day and asked if were possible to get a lunch reservations at the Biergarten restaurant in Epcot as my fat fingers couldn’t figure out how to do that on the Disney app on my iPhone. It was a completely impulsive request and I fully expected to be told “sorry”. Instead, the front desk cast member asked if a 12:15 reservation was okay!


It’s a great place to catch the Electric Water Pageant. Try to arrange a dinner (or other activity) and cap it off by watching the parade. Just reconfirm the show times with the concierge and beware of unannounced changes on nights that Mickeys Not So Scary is running.

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No tips to offer, but just wanted to add that we were able to partake in MVT Labor Day deal as well. I couldn’t believe the rate! We are so excited!

We have dinner booked at Narcoossee’s and it’s the one I’m lost looking forward to! I’m glad to hear the positive review. I was worried about the ‘stuffy’ bit and was going back and forth between GF and Poly but I’m glad I stayed with GF. I’m trying to look forward to it! In addition to the stupid house craziness, I’m also a creature of habit and we tend to stay at BC so I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone!

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Wonderful!!! Sounds like exactly what we need. Timing is everything and the day we leave here is actually the closing day on our old house. Our celebration button will be ‘finally selling the house!’.

Sounds perfect and relaxing!

We’ve done it the past 2 years and that is actually how we got into our love of BC! You just can’t beat the rate! DS goes back to school on 8/28 and no school that Friday or Monday. We love just making a long weekend of it!