Grand Floridian Roll in Shower rooms

We are staying in Sugarloaf in a wheel in shower room. I’ve tried using TP’s room finder but I can’t find the available rooms. Any insight or tips? I’ve requested not ground floor but are there higher level rooms with a roll in shower? Also, any tips for staying at this level in Sugarloaf. Tia.

Pick me! We had a roll in shower room in June. I became aware of which doors to look for - the ones with the low peep holes. I only noticed them on the first floor but I would guess they must also be on upper floors. You are pretty limited on the pool of rooms of that type, so if you do online check in you have done all you can do.

Why not ground floor? Doors are very secure and the convenience is great.

The bathroom ends up with a very small little niche where the coffee maker goes, I moved it to the sink counter to make it easier to get to.

We usually stay at CBR on the 1st floor due to my mom’s mobility issues. My DD is tired of 1st floor and wants a balcony.

Thanks for the tip about moving the coffee maker.

You will have a patio / balcony on the 1st floor too. Not sure how old she is, but the pools are really good at GF. And my treat is to buy something at Basin White on arrival - wonderful scented soaps and lotions!

Thanks MagicMN. This is our first stay at GF. I just checked out the Basin website and I could spend spend spend in there :slight_smile:

My DD is 13 and going on 30 like most teens. I accidently scheduled this vacation the same time that she was supposed to go to a Science and Engineering fair, so I am trying to make it “happy” for her. And, she REALLY wants a balcony. I am secretly wishing for pixie dust to be upgraded to main building so that will be get a balcony. Thanks so much for the tips and advice.

Take photos if you can. I haven’t seen a HA room at the GF yet.

I definitely will take pictures! I also plan on asking the concierge which room numbers have roll in shower rooms, so that the next time someone is traveling and needs one they have a reference.

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@TinkerbellNGrumpy I was just on the room view site on Touring Plans. The last selection is for accessible rooms! But it doesn’t seem to be working right. When you choose roll in shower it’s choosing every room.

I found my accessible room in Big Pine, first floor room 9121. The description detail does contains roll in shower. I am guessing TP has the data but the sort function / room picker isn’t pointing to the data correctly. @LaurelStewart seems to be holding down the fort and would know where to log this issue.

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Will pass it on, thanks. Probably a data issue.

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@MagicMN: Silly me just thought I am was doing something wrong that TP kept giving me all rooms.
@LaurelStewart Thanks for passing this along.