Grand Floridian - outer buildings

Is it worth staying in the outer buildings? Seems far from the monorail, which is one of the major perks of staying there in the first place!

We loved the outer building we were in (Boca Chica). Great view of lagoon/castle, close to the boat which we usually took back to the GF at day’s end from the MK. The walk to the monorail isn’t really that far either - around the pool and then the length of the main building. I think all of the main building rooms are concierge level - I guess if $ is no object, they would probably be amazing, but we loved our stay in an outer building…


We had our dream holiday earlier this year and stayed in an outer building garden view room. We loved it. I don’t think anywhere is really far from the monorail at GF. All the outer buildings are easily accessible and not far from the Main Building. I wrote this post describing our room and view to somebody else, I hope it’s useful:


I agree with @Tatty808 and @Damavs, The outer buildings are fantastic. My 78 yr old grandmother stayed with us last time, and never complained about it being too far away from the monorail. You’ll love it!!