Grand floridian cafe or Whispering Canyon for dinner?

It will be a resort day, where we have only limited time so we are hoping to see the decorations at the MK resorts only. We have never eaten at the Grand Floridian, but we have eaten at Whispering Canyon ages ago.

We have 2 teen boys, 1 teen girl, and myself, Mom.

Any recent reviews from either of these spots for dinner specifically? We are using Disney transport or a lyft/uber.

I prefer GF for holiday decor. GF Cafe would be my choice. We had a great dinner there about a year ago after reopening.


WCC. I enjoyed that more than GFC anyway, but I also recommend it for the lodge. I especially think the teens will enjoy the restaurant atmosphere.


I think the lodge is nicer to look at but I prefer the food at GFC over WCC. After many tries of WCC we won’t eat there anymore. The food is always poor quality and over priced. Entertaining waitstaff doesn’t make up for consistently disappointing meals.

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GFC all day for better food. Avocado toast was awesome and they were able to make for dinner for our picky eaters


Just ate at WCC two weeks ago for the first time. Kind of like Hoop De Do food with no show. Waiter was great though, kept me in stiches. I like common down to earth food and GFC is too snotty for us.

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Well an even split!! Basically!!!

I think we’ll go with WCC since it’s more casual and I’ll save the GFCafe for when my husband is with us. That fried chicken from GFC is calling my name, though.

If I let my teen boys pick, they’d go for Geyser Point I think!! Bison Burger… Which is awesome, but I’d prefer to have an ADR.

Geyser point is awesome as well. Enjoy!

I would go to Geyser point over WC every time!

I cannot compare to GFC, since we didn’t eat there, but we had dinner at WCC, and really liked it. The food was delicious. Not necessarily our favorite, but nothing to complain about, for sure.

We were seated out on the “porch/balcony” (inside, but kind of separated from the rest of the dining area) which gave it a cozier, more romantic feel. I think this may have been because we had said that this was for our 25th anniversary dinner. (They also provided us both a free glass of champagne for the same reason.)

As far as Christmas decor goes, we really loved the decor at both GF and WL, but I have to say I give the edge to WL simply because I found WL to be so incredibly beautiful and relaxing and almost awe-inspiring. Perhaps it says more about our personal sensibilities, though? Still, the lobby at GF was gorgeous, too, so you can’t go wrong in either case.

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We just had brunch at WCC and my future son in-law had the bison burger and loved it. The food was ok but nothing to write home about.


Coming from North Dakota and Bison country I personnel think Bison meat is quite dry and unflavorful.

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We had dinner at GFC in August and it was very good. The menu wasn’t incredibly extensive but everyone found something they enjoyed. Very happy with it…

At Xmas, I think both GF & WL are must sees. Both put on an incredible Christmas display that are worth checking out. Well worth a few hours to do the monorail loop, see the decorations & then hop a boat to WL to check that out as well…


It can be, it has to be cooked just right. Just like venison it all depends on how it was butchered and how it’s cooked. I was given road killed deer that was butchered quickly and taken care of well. I cooked it for my wife who would not eat it venison because of past dislike, but I made it in to tomato sauce and my wife had three helping that night and now she loves venison. Unfortunately I’m a fisherman not a hunter so I’m out of venison and have been for several years. So any hunters out there willing to trade fish for venison let me know. DD loves it as well.

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If your crew likes BBQ, then WCC does a very serviceable job and you will enjoy the food. If they don’t like BBQ, then you are better off somewhere else honestly as the menu options are pretty on theme. Not sure your crew are big eaters, but the AYCE skillets seems like a great way to feed teenage boys. Overall, if you are aiming for a more casual night, go to WCC as WL as a whole is more warm and comforting. GF is very pretty but I remember feeling out of place there in work out type clothes just because everything is so fancy and the CM outfits are kind of dapper. That said, if you want resort day dinner to be fancier feeling and special, maybe pick GF Cafe especially if you want an excuse to dress up a little which can be just as fun especially for your daughter. And either way have fun!!

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