Grand Floridian buildings question

I’m looking for the best building to stay in at GF with a theme park view that can see the fireworks with minimal tree interference, and also see the light show. Maybe Big Pine? I think Boca Chica has a lot of trees in front of it. I like Sago Key but not sure if I can see light show from there?

We had an unobstructed view of MK, castle and fireworks from Conch key. We were at the end overlooking the boat dock…it was perfect.

Oh and top floor…

Some pics of our view…not brilliant quality (sorry!) but you get the gist…


I think a Boca Chica room marked as Theme Park should be fine. We had a lagoon view there and had a really nice view of the castle framed by trees. So I’m presuming anything they actually mark as Theme Park must have an awesome view. Do note you are a long way away from the castle, but it is still a great view…

Thanks so much! Were you able to see the light show from this room in conch Key? My kids are obsessed with that so just wondering!

Looking at the posted pics from Conch, you should have no trouble seeing the Electric Boat Parade from there, presuming that’s the light show you’re referencing at least…

Sure is! Yes I realize that now too. Thanks!

I have one more question for you, do you remember if your room had a connecting room to it? We are traveling with another party and I’m looking for connecting rooms. Thanks!

No, it didn’t…it was a corner room so I don’t know if that’s why. Maybe the ones in the middle do…sorry I’m not much help!

No that was helpful! Thanks! on this site it doesn’t show any of those rooms being connecting… however we stayed in Boca Chica in connecting rooms and those specific rooms on this site are listed as not connecting. So it’s not really a helpful feature! Thank you :slight_smile:

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