Grand Floridian - 2 bedroom suites?

Hi everyone - we have 3 generations visiting next month. We are staying in a 2 BR suite, Outer Building at the Grand Floridian. We will have little ones who go to bed early & still need to nap. Any particular building/room recommendations?

The suites definitely look outdated but we look forward to the extra space & the convenient location. A nice view is important to my Dad.

Thanks so much in advance! I know nothing is guaranteed but it would be helpful to have some inside information when making a room request.

best regards!

Are you staying Club Level? Sugar Loaf building is very convenient to the lounge, plus it’s a nice extra space for extended family to hang out in.

Thanks for the response!

Yes, we are staying Club Level. My worry is that I hear rooms at Sugarloaf can be noisy because of the Club in the Atrium??

Thanks again!!