Gran Destino Tower room recommendation

HI, have never stayed at GDT and I would like some help choosing a room. We have reserved a standard room view with 2 double beds. I recently had foot surgery and am looking for a room that does not require a lot of walking to get to it. Thanks, catherine

Elevators are awesome there. Just takes you to your floor only. So I would pick a room close to the elevator probably regardless of floor.

I have the exact same room-type reservation, and would love some recommendations as well. :blush:

We had a standard view- high floor to see DHS fireworks when they still had them. Any rooms ending in 19 are super close to the elevator. Higher floors have best views for us-father above parking lot.[rate_date]=10/17/2021&filters[view]=450&filters[lobby_distance]=any&filters[transportation_distance]=3&filters[accessibility]=any&filters[floors]=any&filters[rack_rate]=any&filters[ug]=&filters[sound]=any&filters[balcony]=&date=2021-10-17&filters[connect]=&rooms=true#

Just got back from staying there. We were in 0651. Could see Epcot fireworks. Also had view of Spaceship earth, Swan/Dolphin, ToT, and some of Galaxy’s Edge. Same location, a couple of floors above that would have been even better. The view from Toledo/Dahlia Lounge was AMAZING.

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Thank you very much for the photos and room suggestion. Appreciate your help.

Thanks so much. Did not realize that about the numbers. Appreciate the help.