Gran Destino tower connecting rooms


Our trip dates are approaching. We’re hoping for connecting rooms In the tower. We have water view booked. Can anyone suggest room numbers we should request? We’d prefer high floor and close to the lifts.


If you find out what rooms work for you please post a follow up. I’d like to know this for my future trip. :slight_smile:

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FWIW, it is generally not considered a good idea to use room numbers when making room requests. Instead, specify what it is that you are looking for, in priority order - in your case, connecting rooms in the tower on a high floor and close to the elevators. Only use room numbers as an example after detailing what you would like (and only if you are sure that those room numbers are actually good examples of what you want).

Also, if the rooms are on separate reservations, be sure to make the request on both reservations and refer to the other reservation number in each one.

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