GotG x3 and Epcot deluxe hours

Report on our Monday Epcot day: failed to get a 7am VQ but got one at 1pm using BG1. Also got an ILL for 6:15-7:15pm. BG 116 called around 3:30 ish but we had already left. Got the 6pm VQ for deluxe resort guests using BG1 with BG 196. Returned at 6 to ride with first VQ, no problem using our VQ late. Took 50 min in line. Then rode back to back using our ILL, wait time around 20 min for that. Returned at 10pm for the third ride and waited around 30 min. Ride is awesome. We loved it!

The deluxe evening hours were worth it to ride Guardians again but otherwise were kind of a bust for us. After the fireworks, got to Soarin at 9:30 and was walk on but then didn’t get to GotG until 10:00. By the time we finished that, we fast walked to Remy with a posted wait of 50 min at 10:50pm. Ended up being 30 min wait but I had been hoping for less. Prob could have done more if we didn’t do Guardians again and/or skipped the fireworks.


Thank you!! Didn’t realize we could attempt to get 2 VQ’s plus an ill. Will try this tomorrow!!!

3 times is great! We did it twice with an evening LL and the 6pm Deluxe hours VQ. We too thought the whole deluxe hours were not great. We ended up only watching fireworks for half the show because we wanted to do rides too. By the time we got off guardians it was almost 10, walked to Remy and it was 40 min wait. We hadn’t done it before so we decided to stay. It was actually 40 min wait. That was all we did during deluxe hours. I didn’t like having to choose between Harmonious (we’ve never seen) or rides. My kids chose rides. The LONG walk between rides made it very difficult to get much done.


I just realized we went on the same night. Sounds like we were passing each other!

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We were there the dame day as well. I will agree if you are planni g on seing harmonious and getting a 6pm VQ for GotG then other wise there is not much else you can do. We went right to out VQ right after foreworks which was clearly everyone elses idea. Wait built quickly but still under 45 mins. We went to soarin after with a 10 min wait but took more like 25. When we got off it was 11. So if your trip allows it…see harmonious on a day other than EEH to get a better use of rides.

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Has it still been easy enough to acquire an ILL for GoTG (for onsite guests)? How long has the window been lasting to be able to purchase one?

Not exactly sure how long they were available for but I was easily able to get a VQ then book a ILL without rushing for whatever time I wanted. I picked noon. I did notice that once you click on a time for ILL it will hold that time for you while you check out. Which was good because i had some credit card snafus that was taking the checkout longer than I had anticipated.