GOTG wait time

Once you enter GOTG with your BG (not ILL) how long is the wait? Can you see the wait anywhere online?

Our average is about 40 minutes. MDE gives you an estimated time but it’s never been right for me. the TP app has some info if you tap on the ride but I’m not sure if there has been enough data collected yet for good accuracy. I’ll let someone more into that thing help with that :grin:

Thanks-that’s very helpful! I’m hoping to get a low BG but use it after a flight. Do you have any times that the wait has been lower?

I’ve heard the earlier the better but I’ve gone early and waited an hour but I’ve also been several hours late and waited that long.

Sorry, I’m sure there are helpful numbers out there I’m just going off my own experience of being local and riding it near weekly since it opened :wink:

We rode twice in mid-July with boarding groups. Our first was at around 5PM and was around 50 minutes IIRC. The other was 1PM and the wait was notably shorter - maybe 20 minutes max. So anecdotally we would definitely agree with the earlier is better. Although I have no idea if Guardians was down some that day for our first ride and ran cleanly on the 2nd or if it just happenstance from stacking more boarding groups especially since you can arrive late for a BG.

Also once you get into the common room for the first pre-show, go right as far as you can in that room and shift further right on the 2nd show/room. Our first ride we just missed the pre-show and were thus first ones into the room for the show and guessed left which was 100% wrong. That certainly didn’t help our times, but we had a long wait prior to that to just get into the first room. Everyone thought it was well worth the wait though.

For reference the ILL line does get you into that pre-show room nearly instantaneously…

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This is great intel! Thanks so much!

We waited 25 mins at 10.30. It was shorter when we rode earlier but I can’t honestly remember how much shorter. I know we had BG2 and went not long after 9. The first time we had BG1 but were late.

We had BG 1 both times that we rode. We waited 35-45 minutes the first time. We rope dropped Remy and were a little late coming back for our time. The next day we went right at the beginning of the call back time and walked right on with no wait.