Got my First MagicBand Now What?

SO EXCITIED! My DD and I received our MagicBands today. Since our last trip was in 2011, we have no experience using them. Are the MBs already linked to MDE and considered activated? Do I have to do anything at home or once we’re at the resort to activate them? If they are already activated, how do I know they are functioning?


Already linked and active. Put them on before you leave home at the start of your trip and start scanning away!!! You’ll know because they will scan successfully. Never heard of a band not working in general


As @OBNurseNH said, there’s nothing you need to do now. Except…y’know…wear them ALL. THE. TIME!!! lol

Are you taking ME (Magical Express aka shuttle service) once you get there or are you just driving right to the resort?

If you’re taking ME, they’ll scan your bands when you arrive. So if something is not working there (Which is extremely doubtful) they’ll help you out there.


We just returned from our trip. We hadn’t been since the advent of the Magic Bands so I understand your questions . We drove and completed online check-in so went straight to our room. Everyone took a turn unlocking the door to be sure that worked and then everyone bought their own mug to be sure the charging was set up. No problems at all, but I figured if there was we would still be at the resort to have it handled quickly. Have fun!


GREAT THANKS FOR THE IMPUT. I will be taking ME (however I will be grabbing our luggage at baggage claim because we are arriving after 7pm) so I’ll know whether the MBs are working when I check in at ME before I board the bus. Can’t wait for the mother and university DD WDW trip to begin!


I have a hard time taking mine off after my trips! I never want it to end.


absolutely this. Each time I contemplate “would anyone RRRRRREALLY notice I’m still wearing it?”

Spoiler Alert: yes…yes they notice. And then they ask questions. And the answers you give? Yeah they do not bring clarity or understanding of the situation to the inquirers.


All you have to do now is CELEBRATE!! The magic of Magic Bands could never be over-stated!


Just to be 100% sure…these are the ones you got as part of a room stay, correct? I have (on occasion - alright, more than on occasion) bought them from Shop Disney - those ones aren’t already linked. You need to enter the code on the back of the magic band into MDE to get those to work. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would say that the only thing you “need” o do is think about decorating them. Easiest way is to just coat them in a layer or two of glittery nail polish. Temporary tattoos are easy to do too (cover with clear polish). Many ideas out there on the internet but here are a couple I’ve done.