Got my fast passes today with the help of a leading reservation! (changed from throwaway room)


For me, I think it’s more perhaps about a perk not really being a perk anymore. Not against others choices just for me if I stay on property
But the 60 days is no Longer an advantage then it’s not really a perk for me to stay on property. Thankfully not the only reason I do. That’s why I ask if Disney would ever put an end to it. But maybe it’s not an issue yet.


Well, Disney is the king of maximising revenue, that’s true. The 60-day thing is a great perk. If it goes . . . well some people will do things like DAH — lovely additional revenue.

I’m still somewhat astonished that they started charging for parking and got away with it. It’s a huge extra expense.




Aren’t you supposed to be the voice of reason?


Yes. So when I can’t be reasonable I am trying to learn to shut up.


Totally agree. “Don’t judge lest ye be judged.” Similar to folks who pontificate about global warming yet fly internationally four times over two years to visit children’s theme parks! :wink:


I’ve literally never done that. I’m remarkably indifferent about climate change.




I don’t want to get into a post dispute with one of my favorite TP posters, but you should check your threads. You have one awhile back discussing the unexpected weather in Orlando and condemning folks that question man made climate change. It may have been a throw away comment by you, but I found it ironic considering the CO2 emissions related to flying are generally the worst, if you believe the hype - which I don’t BTW.




You’re conflating two things. I condemn people who deny that man-made climate change is a thing. It is a thing. The science is pretty clear. But I don’t particularly care that it’s a thing. I don’t tell people to use their cars less. Or not fly. It would be good to find ways to be more respectful of and wary about our climate. But to me that means nuclear power stations, not cutting down on flights.

I am a hypocrite in all kinds of ways. But this is not one of them.


Crying :joy:


Thank you for explaining


Outing myself as someone who hoarded ADR’s.

They have to be made 180 days in advance.

I can’t know which parks they are going to lock me into until I can be sure I got my FPP for the parks that I want per day.

“Locking me in” was Disney’s prerogative. Engaging in new strategies has been my defense. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I have no problem with people who ‘hoard’ ADRs. They are the ones that make it possible for me to get my ADRs at 45-30 days (when I know what I’m doing and the family has finally decided where they want to eat) by cancelling their extras. :slight_smile:


Yeah…I don’t know much and therefore don’t post much, but lately I’ve been afraid to voice an opinion on even seemingly minor things because someone will come back with a snarky comment. The fact that I don’t actually know any of you* keeps me going here, but my social anxiety is causing me to doubt myself, if that makes sense :grin:
*I wonder sometimes though if maybe I actually DO know someone on this forum in real life and it makes me go :astonished:


I am with you. If Disney wants to go back to the way it used to be, and stop changing parks hours and adding special events in the 6 months before a trip, I will stop hoarding ADRs. Until then, I shall keep my 4 8am Garden Grills :rofl:.


To defend the OP here, she appeared to actually be staying in a Disney hotel, she just employed the practise of adding an additional booking to extend the perceived stay and so benefit from the maximum FPP window. That’s pretty fair in my book. As others have said, it’s the booking then complete cancellation that would probably be my line I wouldn’t feel comfortable crossing.
I did exactly what @ryan1 was considering and have booked a one night stay at the campsite. I’m not cancelling it though. The 60 day FPPs were just a bonus, it’s the two days free parking and free magic bands that I get with it that means I SAVE money by doing this, which I’m all in favour of.
Had I really understood how all this worked my optimal strategy would have been to book a 14 day booking at the campsite, and then get the biggest FPP window, and then pull that back to the one night 30 days out and still get the benefits of the parking and magicbands.
I only figured that out about a week ago though, so that’s mildly annoying. But nonetheless, for my $88 campsite I got $125 value, and every fastpass I wanted bar SDD so I’m still happy.


What’s RS stand for?
Edit: Rider Switch, got it!


Correct, it stands for Rider Switch and the CM have no real way of confirming if the person actually stood in line or not. FOP line is 3 hours long? No problem! Ask for a rider switch, tour the rest of the park and your RS FPP for FOP will be ready after 3 hours without standing a single minute in line. Uber sneaky. I don’t recommend doing this because (besides having to blatantly lie, so it isn’t a real loophole) the rider who supposedly stood in line doesn’t really get to go on the ride.