Got my fast passes today with the help of a leading reservation! (changed from throwaway room)


I can see if you cancel a separate leading reservation but not modify an existing room reservation.


I don’t think it’s harder technically, I think it’s harder because it’s a more likely scenario for legitimate reasons. And when that’s the case it makes a lot of work for CMs dealing with annoyed guests who were unsure of their exact dates but now find in finalising things they lose their FPPs.


If you’re modifying by taking off days at the beginning, they could simply treat it like a cancellation.

I’m sure they would allow a couple of days change. Just not a whole week or more.


Right, I had three seperate reservations. First one was a room only, a leading reservation. The second was a legitimate one night with tickets and then followed by four nights with DVC points. That is how you play the game. For now anyways.


Well, the problem I’m having is that my dates are uncertain- we may be able to get down there 2 days in advance of our stay at BWI. But the room I booked at BWI is uncommon- there are only 10 of them and they’re not available elsewhere. I figured the chance of being able to rebook it if I had to cancel the first day or two to be quite slim. So I have a leading reservation at the Hilton.


I just find this fascinating that this is all based on a rumour. I would think if Disney is going to change their policies, it would need to be clearly stated somewhere. Otherwise most ppl going to Disney (who don’t read these forums) are going to be calling in upset about fastpasses just randomly being cancelled when they modify their reservations.


Five hour telephone queue :cold_sweat:


Yikes!!! :astonished:


I’m going to say that Disney will probably send an email warning. Like, your FPs will be cancelled if a new reservation is not made in 48 hours.


Mine won’t be cancelled because I have two other reservations that coincide with the dates of the fast passes.


One can never really have too many Batemans™.


Just be careful when Donald Kimbal is snooping around.


I’d like to get confirmation that that is indeed the case. I sure hope so.


Backside of magic talked about this on their podcast today. Said that as long as you have a qualifying resort reservation for the days of your fastpasses then your fastpasses shouldn’t be cancelled.


They didn’t see the actual Disney email, but they talked to someone who did, so that’s pretty reliable. I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens to people who actually cancel a leading reservation. I agree with them that this is mostly to end the practice of making reservations and not intending to stay at WDW at all. That must tick off Disney more than folks who do eventually end up staying on-site.


100% agree.

This cancelling FPs is nothing to do with making more FPs available. They are not being magnanimous here! It is all to do with discouraging people from booking and then cancelling to stay offsite.

If you cancel within 30 days, even 60 days, it is much harder for Disney to re-sell that room, which costs them money. They would much rather sell the room to someone who actually wants to stay in it.


Absolutely. I never thought this was really about FastPasses. It’s about rooms. The existence of the 60 day FP window is to get heads in beds. And the 90 day window for CLFP is to get them in even more expensive beds!


I was listening to a podcast the other day. They said private VIP tours were using the throw-a-way rooms to generate FPs for their clients . It made me wonder if this was another action to address people making money off of Disney?


Now THAT is a new one! Literally, what will they think of next? I think this could be a huge issue.


No kidding! But this recent effort on Disney’s part doesn’t really stop that- I think that would be a very difficult thing to stop, it would require boots on the ground and they are expensive.