Got all my ADRs for February!

Gotta love off season… February 2 - 9 is wide open 180 days out

Sat - Garden Grill Dinner
Sun - BOG dinner
Mon - Tusker House/ROL
Tues - Akershus breakfast, Via Napoli dinner
Wed - BOG breakfast, Ohana dinner
Thurs - Boma
Friday - Cinderellas Table breakfast, Chef Mickeys dinner
Sat - Ohana breakfast


Congrats! I hope availability continues through the month!


Those sound like great choices. Any there that you’re doing for the first time? I’ve not done Boma, TH or GG. GG is high on my to do list.


We have 2 little ones, so character meals were high on our list (plus it maximizes the value of the dining plan :slight_smile:).

Boma was my favorite but havent been in about 6 years so hopefully it hasnt changed. This will be our first experience with TH, but mostly did it for the ROL package. GG is a classic that I remember from my childhood; food is so-so as I remember, but the nostalgia of it all keeps me coming back. This will be our first experience with BOG so I’m excited we have the chance at the ppo breakfast as well as dinner with the beast!

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Awesome! Maybe we’ll have to try February next time…December had slim pickings!


Now, I’m just hoping this widespread ADR availability means low CL too!


Some people are guessing that crowds are down with people waiting for Galaxy’s Edge and the 50th Anniversary celebrations. One can only hope!