Got a pirate at CBR, wanted a preferred

Back when the free dining was being offered, we booked on preferred and then it immediately sold out so we stuff the rest of our party (grandma and grandpa, humorously) into a pirate room. I’ve been thinking about whether there’s any way to get them into a preferred so we can be next to each other, now that the promotion is long over.

That’s an excellent question.

I would consult a TA on that one - just because of how niche it is.

If they have the free dining as well, probably not if you want to keep the free dining. Doesn’t hurt to call and ask though.

Have been told hat there are no rooms available at free dining as the booking window has closed.

How was the pirate room?

It was a year ago, but we put that we wanted connected preferred rooms in our room request and they honored it.