GoPro's on rides

Hi all, does anyone know if there is a list or something that will tell me which rides and attractions I allowed to use a GoPro at all parks and water parks. Thinking of buying one for our trip in August but don’t want to waste time and money if they are not allowed on a majority of the rides and attractions?
Cheers everyone

There are very few attractions that prohibit video cameras. Soarin’ used to do so, but now usually just announces no flash photography or external video lighting. Hall of Presidents usually announces no video is permitted and I think Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor also asks folks not to record the show. Other than that, I can’t recall places where video is prohibited.

I’ve never tried to record Rock N Roller Coaster + don’t remember if we were specifically asked not to record video on Flight of Passage or if I just didn’t bother because I knew I would be recording 3D projections and didn’t think that would look very good.

Search YouTube, if there is NOT a video of a ride than cameras are probably prohibited.

On a related note…On Star Tours, there are a couple of
GoPro mounts stuck to the front wall, near the left side.
The right most StarSpeeder, if I remember correctly.

Excellent stuff chaps, thank you

Are you saying Disney has GoPro mounts inside the Star Tours ride vehicles? Because, I forgot that Star Tours is another attraction that announces photography of any kind is not permitted during the ride.

They were stuck there, one vertical, one about 45 degrees off. I assumed a guest(with long arms) put them there, to shoot them selves during the ride. I asked a CM…had no idea. I’ve never seen any Disney video shot from this angle.

Will you be wearing it in a very secure body mount of some sort? If not then I’d recommend against using it on anything that moves very fast… as a ride operator I saw a number of people who’d been hit by people’s cameras, phones, etc. when they were dropped by people in the seats ahead, and a couple were injured quite badly. I personally was hit on the shoulder by a dropped camera while working at a launched coaster and couldn’t lift my arm for more than a week.