GoPro for Disneyworld?

I was kind of wanting to see what most of you use for videoing your trips? I have a DSLR that i use to take pictures and use it for video. But i can’t do both at the same time with it =(. So when we first took our DD at 21 months we bought a little Sony Handycam to shoot video with. Well a couple years past and we are planning our trip for this year and my DW ask me about a GoPro or something easier and better to capture the parades and her expressions. I know selfie sticks are not allowed, but I’m seeing that short handles and gimbals are allowed. I was just wanting some ideas of what you all carry and those of you with GoPros, what accessories you use in the park to track your vacation.

I plan on using my GoPro 5 because it’s small and takes excellent video in 4k. Since it also takes excellent pictures it’s a win-win. In addition to the short handle I am purchasing one of the straps so I can use it hands free, especially on the rides.

Just been bought one too! Taking it in August but will also take the video camera because the GPro is fixed focus. I got a ton of cheap accessories fir it off amazon so will use the short handle and chest harness I think.

When I went, I just stuck to my iPhone and felt it did a great job for everything but night photos (night videos were perfectly fine). I shot everything in 1080p 60fps because I don’t really have anything that runs 4K and storage space was a concern.

It was also great because as soon as I didn’t need it anymore, I just slipped it into a pocket. I also brought along a full sized DSLR, but that didn’t get nearly as much action as the iPhone did. The next time I go, I’ll be using mostly the same setup with the newest iPhone, but my new DSLR is geared toward night photography, so I’m really excited to take some night shots.

For those who are planning to record the rides, don’t forget, someone has already recorded the ride with the latest and greatest tech and put it on youtube (some job, right?). So I would recommend you don’t become preoccupied for filming the rides and instead focus on enjoying the ride and all it has to offer.

I am recording certain rides for my personal use videos only. Not planning to post on YouTube.
But good point about making sure to enjoy the ride. That is why I like the idea of using a strap/harness with the GoPro.

Right, no I meant that if you’re recording the ride, whatever you get will likely not be as good as what you can find on youtube unless you’ve dropped a ton of cash on equipment (and have had the time to get the perfect “run”). So if someone is worried they won’t be able to remember the ride without a video, not to worry, there’s most likely a crystal clear version available on the web.

Thanks guys,

I was mainly looking at it for more of an in the moment camera. I’m not overly worried about recording the rides, i’m more interested in recording her on the rides. I’ve been looking at the wrist/hand straps as well, wondering if that would be better than the stick.

You all have touched on the reason I’ve been thinking about the GoPro. With the dslr at times i get more concerned about getting the shot, than being in the moment.