The new Star Wars movie trailer was just dropped! Countdown to December!


Okay. Thanks for letting me know. Went to watch it. Got major chills.

Kids showed me an hour ago.
I realized I’d forgotten all about #8…
This one looked good. I hope it’s a slam dunk.

The rise of Skywalker ? Unexpected and intriguing…as was the emperor’s laugh at the end…nice to see Lando…

Can’t say I much enjoyed episodes 7 and 8 but still very much looking forward to seeing episode 9.

I loved 8. Possibly more than 5. Have to watch again to be sure.

7 was just a reimagined 4, so it was enjoyable, but unoriginal.


two words…

Lan Do

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Ugh, I was so pissed when Luke died. I was bitching about it so much that my wife told me to shut up or go away LOL

Seven made me so mad/sad, so I’m that, it was engaging.

I really liked 3.5 the best of all… (ducking now b/c I know most people despised it).

I’m a newer fan, having only watched them all a few years ago prepping for #7.

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Good observation. Maybe why I liked it.

Hey I really REALLY liked Rogue One too, I thought it was absolutely great, totally agree with you.

I liked Solo a lot too actually (well not THAT much, the actor was not good enough IMO but it was an impossible role anyway).

The standalone movies excite me more now than the trilogy, except for them not having the writing at the beginning, I think that’s a really bad decision.


I keep forgetting to watch Solo.
Kids and DH saw it and I missed it. I need to correct that.

Some Of my kids are in the phase right now are they just like to hate on Star Wars. Others of them are devoted fans. That makes for a crazy dynamic.

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I’ve been a huge fan since the originals and have passed my obsession to my 2 sons, the oldest is still really into it and the obsession has continued with his children. We’re planning our multi family and generation trip next summer, yet another countdown.

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I liked Rogue One until the end with Leia’s ship. Then it ruined it for me. Had they not done that, though, I would have liked it.

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Wow, the emporers laugh at the end…

I liked Rogue One much more than No. 7. Actually, the Leia scene at the end gave me goosebumps, and was a perfect tie-in to A New Hope.

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I thought so, too. I loved the bridge and I thought it was a pretty daring movie, in and of itself.

Eh, sorry to say I wasn’t impressed with this trailer at all. The first shot told me everything I needed to know about this movie: it’s going to go for visuals instead of story telling. Again. Ugh.

I really don’t understand why the stand alone movies are so much more enjoyable than the main trilogy. Even Solo which was… meh, was leaps and bounds over both 7 and 8. It shouldn’t be this way. They obviously know how to write a good movie, but when it comes to this main plot… it’s just hot garbage. I’ve said this before, but as much crap as I give the prequels, I will gladly take them over this new trilogy.

And all the praise 7 gets is completely misplaced because it examplfies the exact problem with this trilogy: there’s no originality to it. It’s recycled, and not even cleverly so. And then when they do want to get “creative” they do it for shock value or it gets REALLY dumb. I forget what reviewer was calling it a “gotcha”, but it’s very apt. “Gotcha! Luke, the eternal optimist, now doubts everyone and everything! Didn’t see that one coming, did you?” Of course not. Because it’s stupid.

Pass and I’ll catch it when it comes to the streaming service.

See. I felt the opposite. I felt it took me out of the story and reminded that there were writers who were thinking, oh wouldn’t it be cool if Leia shows up now. I shouldn’t be aware if the existence of writers. Just a story. But the scene with Vader then Leia did the opposite. It didn’t make sense to the story. Why would Leia have been there in the middle of the battle (but not doing anything!) And why was Vader completely out of control angry, when the very next scene is Vader calmly entering the ship with his quiet power (in A New Hope).

Total lack of character consistency for the sake of writers wanting to be clever.

Because without it you get the same set of questions about the beginning of 4:

Why would Leia be on a random ship getting attacked? Why are they killing people on a diplomatic ship for some random plans? Why do they think the plans are there anyway? Why is Darth Vader on what seems like it should be a random patrol to search ships for contraband? Why are these plans so damn important anyway?

Leia was in the battle because Rogue One basically called a “Broken Arrow” and every Rebellion ship showed up. Leia and her ship where there to get the plan in Rogue One because in the beginning of ANH Leia was on the ship and had the plan.

I also don’t think that Vader was out of control angry in Rogue One, he just seemed very cold and methodical to me while simply killing everything in his way to the plan. He did also just pick up random crew and chocked them and broke their neck while questioning them. Part of it is also the difference between how you act in the middle of a giant space battle, and how you act when you do board a “consular ship” even though you know they just changed out their license plate after they jumped into hyperspace.

Personally, I think the reason Darth Vader got to be a coldblooded murdering bada** at the end of Rogue One because it finally explained why everyone was so damn scared of him for all of Episode 4 and most of Episode 5. It’s not just that he was “calmly entering a ship” at the beginning of New Hope; other than chocking a guy with his mind he really didn’t to jack to justify his reputation in Episode 4. He circled around good old Ben while they pocked at each other with their glowing sticks, and then he ended up spinning into space after getting shot in the rear by Han. He’s the big bad, everyone is scared of him, but everyone has to wonder “why”. So I think for that reason alone it’s a good move.

Even with the duels in Episode 6, and the off-scene murder of the younglings in Episode 3, and Anakin doing Anakin things, we never really got to see Darth Vader being the coldblooded murdering monster machine that everyone fears and who does the slaughter at the Emperor’s bidding. For that reason alone, I approve of it. And I do like that I got chills when the screen was dark, the breathing started, and the red glow appeared right before he went all murder on everyone there. But I really think it lays the groundwork for why everyone fears him in Episode 4, because nothing explains it IN Episode 4 or even most of 5.

Which is also the reason why in a few years I will show my kiddos the movies for the first time, and I will do it in this order:

3.5, 4, 5, 2, 3, 6