Google Maps walk through BW HS to EPCOT - is this allowed?

The cut through by the pool? Yes, when you pass by the Boardwalk Bakery there is a green area. You should see a tunnel-like pathway that leads to the pool. If anyone can add to my poor directions, please help!

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Nice!! I wasn’t sure we could walk right through that area if not staying there but it’s a solid 5 minutes shorter.

Yea thats fine

I’ve cut through (or past) the BW tennis courts and parking lot and through the lobby, but there isn’t really any notable difference in distance compared to you’re pictured route

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ok - I’m thinking this solves my problem for rope dropping Epcot at IG when I stay at Pop. I’ll take an earlier Skyliner to HS and walk.

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When you see the pool, cut across and go through the tunnel.

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oooooooo walking on water :wink: Cool! :crazy_face:

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if you want to save some time and walking distance, you could just take an Uber/Lyft to Boardwalk

I’m guessing skyliner is like 20 minutes with the switch + 20-25min (1.1mi) walk from HS to IG. Whereas a drive from Pop to BW would be 8 minutes and a 6-8 minute (0.3mi) walk to IG.

I’m just throwing these times out of my head so could be off

thanks - the time and distance aren’t an issue, I just didn’t want to have to wait at CBR for the Epcot Skyliner.

If I remember correctly … Just past the Screen Door is a courtyard. Turn into the courtyard, and just past the Wyland Galleries is a passthrough that on the other side empties into the pool area.


Great visual!

that helps a lot, thanks!!