Google Chromecast in WDW resort rooms?

Curious: has anyone ever tried to hook a Chromecast or Fire Stick to their resort TV?
Will the wifi even allow this?

We are staying at All Star Sports and are not even sure what inputs the TVs have.


I used Chromecast on the WiFi at fort wilderness but it was hooked to my TV in the RV so I’m not sure about in an actual room

These days I think it is fairly likely there’s HDMI ports on all the TVs. My guess for the wifi is it will probably not be blocking anything, but the spotty nature of guest wifi ( or possibly even traffic limiting) might limit your ability to stream well.

If you want to stream something that is on a local device, you can do that without a common wifi connection and go right to a Chromecast on the recent updates.

I loaded up my iPad with some shows before our trip with that intention, but never had enough downtime to even think about watching TV!

Last fall i stayed at All Stars Music. I went to target to get an hdmi to usb cable. I plugged the hdmi into the port on the side of the tv and the usb into my laptop. Using the wifi i connected to netflix and watched netflix on the room tv.

So google chromecast should work.

We’ve used both at several DVC resorts, and now keep a Fire stick in our Owners Locker. Works absolutely fine.