After much thought I have canceled our June trip. Disney has successfully priced me out of their customer base.

I know that I will not be happy, on the outside looking in, so I’m going to quit cold-turkey.

Goodbye to Touring Plans and this forum, you have been informative and entertaining.

Also, thanks to DFB on YouTube, Jim and Len and The Disney Dish podcast, BOGP, and ResortTV1, among countless others who built a community.

Again, thank you and goodbye.


I’m SO sorry that you have been priced out. I know you’ll miss the magic. BEST to you!!!

Definitely sucks, but you find happiness elsewhere.

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I’m sorry. You’ll be back one day I’m sure. In the meantime, enjoy some new adventures!



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I’m sorry that you feel priced out. Take a break and then see how you feel. I go through periods like that, and I pull back and don’t post much. But then I find myself drawn back in.

Good luck and hope to see you back some day.

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This is super-sad :slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t know if you’re still reading — and I don’t know if this is out of line — but if you posted a budget and a few criteria (number of people, number of days) I reckon we could put together an awesome trip for you :slight_smile:


Sorry you’ve had to cancel @stuckinbmode :pensive:

I hope you find a better value alternative and maybe manage to come back to Disney sometime when it feels right :crossed_fingers:t2:


I completely understand it!! You may have already considered it, but Universal really is a great place for a fraction of the cost. It’s got just as much “magic” - IMHO.

I’m not going back to WDW for a couple years myself. I’m wholly unsatisfied with the product as it is, especially at that price.



I’m so sorry. I think you are in good company. Even with just 2 of us the prices have gotten out of hand. Luckily we were ready for new adventures. Safe travels wherever you go!

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Can we talk you into Universal (and we have amazing advice on that too)?


I feel ya. My TP subscription ends tomorrow and I’m not renewing for now. When we have a more solidified plan on when we are going to Universal, I will be back. Our make up Disney trip a couple of months ago is the last for a long time.


Just a FYI. You do not need a TP subscription to be active here (or on chat with the new app).




Upgrade to the top tier AP for less money than a 5 day park hopper at Disney……

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Very sorry to hear that - I am a very long time Disney fan and I am feeling it as well.

Hope you do keep your eyes open for deals once in awhile and you find a time to jump back in!

I’m doing some Universal research myself in case I can’t find any Disney deals that don’t make me feel like I’m being squeezed like an orange.