Goodbye sweet ADRs

My family is killing me. 28 days to go and now they want to change restaurants. So, goodbye BOG we’re going to the Plaza. Good bye 8 am CP, we’re going to Chef Mickeys and good bye noon Sci-Fi, we’re going to wing it since we are going back to the resort for a bit midday. I’m fine with it since I want everyone to be happy and actually eat the food, but they don’t understand the glory of nabbing good ADRs and FPPs :slight_smile:


Solo trips rule!


Agreed, although I’d be missing them every step of the way, I do wish we could venture out and try some places that I want to go, but alas…

They won’t let you keep just one?? Compromise! Those are some good ones…


We’ve been to all but Sci fi and that one I kind of agree with since we are doing the EMM hours and the VIP Fantasmic so we can save time and get back to the resort for some downtime so it makes sense. BOG neither of my kids will eat the food. My daughter would eat the shrimp but they serve 5 tiny ones, she gets super hungry at lunch so it makes more sense to actually feed her haha. Granted, we are going to the Artist Point Snow White dinner and they wont eat much there, but it’s new so they’ll deal :stuck_out_tongue:

So sorry. Nudges :confused:

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Oh, you let your family decide where to eat?? How novel… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Seriously though, sometimes it’s great to be the only one interested in planning. And DD4 is good as long as there’s at least one visit to Satu’li planned.)


I understand. Well I’m glad you got atleast artist point! My kids suddenly didn’t even like grilled cheese on our trip. Haha


Yeah my son who eats nothing but pizza and waffles now says he wont eat pizza. ugh. I just need to know that just in case there is the million dollar pb&j or pasta available.


May I suggest “The Treatment” as featured in South Park? Works for picky eaters as well as ADD.

We have just taken a stack of nutella sandwiches and fruit to parks before…and let the picky eaters just sit while everyone else ate.