Good WDW preview videos for DS4 and DS3?

I’m going to start my own digging, but I thought I’d ask here in case anyone has suggestions.

I want to show a single video (30-60 minutes) to DS4 and DS3 to give them a good preview of WDW. I know there is a plethora of stuff on YouTube, but I’m looking for something that is produced professionally and has a target audience of young children. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks!

Wow! 30-60 minuets is a long time for a 3 and 4 year old attention span. Even tv shows aimed at that group split up the stories into smaller chunks. Your kids must be better listeners than mine.
With my son, I started with a map that showed that there were actually 4 parks. From there we watched the intro videos for each park on the Disney website. After that, it was a combination of videos to answer his specific questions, and ride-through of things I thought might be scary for him to see if he wants to try.
And DFB videos, because food.
Sorry, this probably isn’t any help with what you’re looking for.

Ok so this is a little dated and it is Disneyland, but I wore out this VHS when I was a kid. Most of the music is relevant (sans Roger Rabbit) but it’s perfect for those ages. My DS3 loves it!

What do you mean? By 3 years old, our kids were able to sit through the entire Lord of the Rings movie trilogy (special extended edition), no problem! :wink:

(I jest, of course.)

When we began planning a trip in 2018 (which we had to cancel), we started a “family movie night” tradition, watching Disney movies. The older boy could sit and watch the whole time, but the younger one could only last 30-40 minutes. Now, he is up to about an hour. Sometimes he even makes it to the end if its a short movie. Now, a video about WDW won’t be nearly as captivating without a story to follow, but we’ll see how it goes.

My idea is to show them the video one night, get them to think and talk about everything they see, and then surprise them the next morning with the news that we are actually going there.

That surprise sounds like so much fun! I hope you find one.

I must have made an offhand remark about Cinderella’s castle at the beginning of some Disney movie and now every time we start a movie with the good old intro he says: “We’re going there!”


Lol, every time we start a Disney movie and they see the castle, the boys go nuts “DISNEY CASTLE! DISNEY CASTLE!” Its hilarious

I have been looking for something like this as well. I looked on Netflix and other places and nothing really encapsulated what you & I are looking for. If you find it, let me know! We have been watching YouTube videos of tours of specific lands. My 4 year old watches the Toy Story Land tour over and over and over…

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That is kind of what I did as well and reminded me… We watched the Mickey’s 90th Celebration that they showed on TV back in November 2018 (some of it was weird, but it showed the different castles with fireworks and lots of characters, Main Street, Tree of Life, “the big silver ball” as my 4 year old calls it, and other recognizable Disney places). It got them excited enough and talking. They mentioned on the show that you can eat inside Cinderella’s Castle and my 7 year old son jumped up and said “MOM, if we ever go to Disney World, can we please meet Cinderella and eat inside the castle??” You better believe I booked CRT 180 days out for him! I never would have thought my boys would care about meeting Cinderella and eating in the castle, but that 90th Celebration was enough to get them informed and talking. Just an idea in case you can find it On Demand.

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Does Disney still have either on-line or a DVD that you can use for vacation planning? They used to, years ago, and we got one once. It is fun to watch and gets the kids interested because they show you all there is that’s fun to do at Disney, etc.

I don’t know if they still have such a thing.

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I asked about it on this “pinned” thread (which doesn’t really appear to be pinned). I don’t think they offer the DVD anymore, but the videos can be streamed on their website.

That sounds like a great option, thanks!

Booked a CRT dinner for the last night, so maybe my boys will think the same thing!

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Watch Stacy on must do Disney. That’s what they show in the hotel rooms and highlights some good stuff by section.

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Free planning videos don’t work? yes you would have to show several (one for each park)

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Just be careful what they do see in case they have their heart set on something that will be hard to do or in DL. My DH showed DD4 months ago Goofy’s Candy Store and that became one of her top things. Good thing I researched and realized that it was in DS so we made the trip out there our arrival day. Probably wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

So for example if you don’t have CRT or BBB booked and it’s past the 180 mark just be careful so you don’t disappoint.

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