Good pre-trip Bday gift ideas

My husband birthday is 5 days before our trip. What are some gifts you’d enjoy receiving pre-WDW? Large or small, throw me all your ideas. Thanks! (We’re old enough for boring and practical. Expensive but amazing moisture wicking socks, for example, are a valid suggestion.)

Foot glide.
Travel sized toiletries.
External phone charger
Collapsible water bottle
Pkg of wipes
Starbucks Via
Airplane snacks
Flip Flops or slides for the pool.


I totally agree with all of the above suggestions and want to suggest doing something special in the parks or resorts as part of the birthday. I was last there in May, right around Mother’s Day, and my sister and I surprised our mom with the Caring for Giants tour in AK. It was fairly inexpensive too, around $30 each I think. We went backstage and got some great views of the elephants. It happened to be just us on the tour so it was really personalized to us, the cast members were great!

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I have that one booked! I’m excited about it. I like hearing good stories, it makes it even better to look forward to.

Ohhh, he does need a new phone battery backup. Good one.

New luggage
Packing cubes
Phone battery pack
I’m all about boring but practical gifts!

What about a fun magic band if you just did the standard solid color ones? If he isn’t one to spend money on himself, perhaps a gift card just for him?

He is definitely not one to spend on himself. A gift card is quite a good idea. I’m sure there’ll be things in GE that he’ll like.

I did score this Millenium Falcon tree ornament at a craft show this afternoon. It’s a good start!


What a pretty ornament! Is it that laser cut wood style?

Yes! And it was only $10. Canadian dollars, no less.

I’m all set! I got a new, slim battery backup, some of those fancy wicking socks people swear by, and this passport cover. It just came and I’m nerding out over it.


@seebee @Cgerres @cjandres @jtowns12 Thanks for helping me brainstorm!

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What an amazing find!

My OH insisted on a vacuum cleaner prior to our WDW birthday trip.

Not being a complete idiot I assumed this was a trap, but it turned out she really did want and indeed loves said vacuum cleaner.

I still wasn’t flying it from London to Orlando though…


I like many of the suggestions above, and I think a gift bag filled with trip essentials is a great idea. You could also add things like a starter pin set, Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom cards (you can find them on ebay), candy, gum, gift card, etc.

Are you the main planner or do you share that? If you’re the main planner, you could also include a coupon book with things like:

  • “go back to the hotel early”

  • “skip the next attraction”

  • “sleep in tomorrow”

  • “Let’s do what I want to do next, no matter what the wait time is”

  • “We’re eating where I want to eat now”

Have you thought about doing Savi’s Workshop? You could surprise him with that too.

Thanks! He saw one somewhere on the internet, but it was a cheap made-in-china type thing. So I found someone on etsy to make this for me instead. :slight_smile:

I love my vacuum cleaner too. :laughing:

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Those are fun ideas! Thanks.