Good Night Rides

So I’m making a list of rides that should be tried at night at some point during my trip because darkness enhances the experience so I’m going to make sure that goes in my TPs. Here’s what I got:

MK: Jungle Cruise, Splash Mtn, BTMR. Maybe 7DMT?
AK: Safari
DHS: RR Coaster
EP: Don’t think there really are any

What else would you guys add?

RnRC is indoors so gains nothing from being done at night. ToT might, when you look out over the park.

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MK - I love the Sfwiss Family Robinson Treehouse at night.
Astro orbiter
People mover
even Dumbo can give good views at night!

AK - EE (from 2nd hand accounts)

Epcot - I like climbing the path up to the top in the Canada gardens at night
And also riding the monorail on the Epcot loop, but that can take a chunk of time to fit in obviously.


Also around dusk is best for safari, not full on night time, though it’s still an experience.

MK: definitely 7DMT, BTMRR, Dumbo, People Mover
HS: ToT (when those doors open it is one of my favorite views in the world )
AK: EE- I have also done Primevil Whirl at night and it feels much different. Safari only if you love the lions

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Love the idea of this.

What about the train in MK?

While not a ride, there’s a few things on the ground in Epcot near spaceship earth (not sure if you knew or if it counts).

I’ll reiterate Dumbo - I wasn’t thinking for the views, but for the lights and interplay with the water etc. make it much more of a spectacle at night. If you plan to ride Dumbo, I’d do it at night basically.

People Mover during the fireworks is also fun and unique…

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Definitely do 7DMT at night!


Following this post, love all the ideas!!

Great ideas! I thought about ToT but thought it was completely indoors. I’ll add that. My kids will likely think Dumbo is too babyish, but I’ll keep that in mind. I was also wondering about the MK train. What about the carousel? Though it’s a minor attraction, I’m a sucker for carousels so I’m going to make time for it

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@PrincipalTinker Of.course I love lions! Who doesn’t love lions?!?! :slight_smile:

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I should rephrase. Four legged lions. The Detroit Lions can take a long walk off a short pier


The only time I have seen the lions pacing and Roaring was at night. I did not see much more that safari. At sun down I once had a 60 minute Safari . One giraffe kept chasing other animals across the road.

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I think Haunted Mansion in the evening adds to the ambiance.


Yes that’s true.

Astro Orbiter. Yes. DEFINITELY. Have your camera ready.


EE - definitely!!

Also, the spinning rocket things in Tomorrowland…not sure what they are called.

During our last trip, the carousel at night was one of the last things we did on our trip and we were a little bit wet and miserable from a rainy day but it’s still one of my fav memories!

Cool idea.

I also offer
MK - Dumbo, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, TTA
Epcot - Space, Test Track

I know you are saying - Hey Tigger (you big dummy) some of those are inside a show building you big dummy. I know I know - however I feel that coming out of space mountain and Haunted Mansion especially at night - just extends the fun of the ride - the ultimate “experience”


I vaguely remember that about Haunted Mansion. We’ll be there in December, so we’ll have early sunsets and tons of darkness touring to test that out!