Good Neighbor Perks?

You can book day for day 60 days before your stay. That is what I understand. Now those that are not staying on disney or these properties I was told they got no advantage at all. I may be wrong.

You are correct. With a Swan/Dolphin linked reservation liners have been able to book length of stay ADRs (or call to book them). Nice to get the deluxe extra hours too!

Yes! Please report back, as a CM told me Swan, Dolphin and Shades of green would get Disney resort benefits.

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I’m happy to report that I was able to book reservations for the entire length of my stay with a Swan resy. This is very obviously a loophole in Disney’s system. From the app, I could see my dates open up for the entire length of my stay and I could also see restaurant open timeslots for those future dates, but every time I clicked a time to reserve it, I got a technical difficulties message. I had no issues using the Make Reservation function from the website, changing to dates 62/63 days away, and booking my reservations that way. However, when I opened up the restaurant page itself and tried to check availability from there, I wasn’t able to change my dates to anything more than 60 days out. So to me looks like Disney didn’t intend for Swan guests to book 60+ days out (as it says on their website) but through some loophole you are able to take advantage. Disney tech giveth and taketh away…

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I may be remembering this wrong: we have stayed at Dolphin last 4 trips- and I believe the rule has been ok to book adrs 60 days out, length of stay rather than day by day. and that the only lesser part of perk was we didn’t get the extra 10 days.
I believe it’s been that way all along, but I could be forgetting- out last stay was there was in '19. :slightly_smiling_face: