Good neighbor hotel and magic band question

Hey folks,
I’ve learned all about the new magic band changes (thanks to searches and the great info from liners). The one specific question I haven’t seen answered:
Can good neighbor hotels capitalize on the pre-arrival purchase (aka discounted) prices for magic bands?

For context - we’re staying at the Doubletree Disney Spring (big family :woman_shrugging:) and arriving in May, 2022. We’ve linked our hotel ressie in MDE.

Any info? Thanks,

I don’t think so, since it used to be only the Disney owned and operated hotels that gave out free Magic Bands. They later changed from free to a discount on them, tied to you having a reservation at their hotels.

No they don’t, but if you really wanted them you could always book a room, order your bands, and then cancel the reservation after you receive them.

I have multiple bands I ordered for trips I later had to cancel and they are still active.

As someone with Hilton points and a too-big-for-Disney-family, the Doubletree and it’s 2 bedroom suites that sleep 8 are definitely on my radar. I really like the MB for kids ability to get in and out of the hotel room and buy what they need. I’m not sure I’d go through the trouble of buying them for the kids for an off property stay.

Thanks for the advice.
Mostly I’d like the bands for pictures. We may split up for parts of the day and I’d like the option of catching photos (i.e., we’ll have memory maker) if the kids are off doing solo activities.
That was the appeal of the cheaper pre-order. Not so interested if we’re paying full Disney prices.