Good morning liners. Sat 8/16

Hello liners. I'm down to 57. How about you?


DW now knows. Told her about a week ago. Flat refusal to go at first but has cone round. DD17 has also decided to come to, so we've had to alter plans a bit.


that's great! Glad she came around.

I'm at 96 days but working on a UoR weekend soon. if only I can get my DH on board.

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@Steve1!!!! Good morning!!!

I'm so glad your DW has come around a bit. You will have an excellent trip once you get her there. I'm so happy for you!

My countdown is 79 today.

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Good morning @Steve1. Your trip is less than 2 months away!

We have 2 countdowns now, 209 and 308. Gotta love DVC.

Hello peeps. Down to 171 here. That's good news about your wife coming around!

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11! We are driving for the first time. 31 hours of driving and I've never been on a roadtrip. I guess I should start packing but it seems a bit early and I don't want to get super excited yet.....too late 😆

8! Only 8! And that means I can look at the extended forecast. Unfortunately one day is listed as having a "feels like" temperature of 121F. There are not enough frog togs and mister fans in all of Florida to manage that.


Good morning, Steve! You've been missed. My countdown is zero! I am Lining from the airplane, via inflight internet access, somewhere over the Rockies. DD is engrossed in the Full House episode in which they visit WDW, which I downloaded to my iPad before the trip. A week at YC, 1st time staying onsite. After 5 months of planning, hard to believe it's finally here!
Started off with a mini disaster when we left a bag on the airport shuttle. DD8 realized it while we were standing in line to check in for our flight. DH sprinted out to the curb, got on another bus, the driver radioed our driver, and she drove back with our bag. Crisis averted! Pixie dust before we left Sacramento.


Hiya @steve1! On the road now. Currently in Virginia at a Chic fil A. Will be in Disney World tomorrow! !

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66 Days for me!!

Hiya @Steve1! Good to see you. My count is at 3!!! Of which only one is a work day!!! This time next week I'll be resting up after my first time on the Wild Africa Trek. Can't wait!! Safe travels and have fun, @BackIntoTheFray and @pod4christ!!!


21 Days! Exactly 3 weeks from now we'll be at the airport waiting to board our plane to MCO! Have great trips @BackIntoTheFray and @WeHave2GoBack and @pod4christ! Be sure to post trip reports!


13 days! 2 weeks from now we'll be heading to our FPP for Soarin'! 😊

@Steve1 happy to hear that things are looking up and you finally have the whole family on board with your upcoming plans. We are here today, doing our typical weekend thing. Taking next weekend off (haven't been home on a Sat/Sun for 5 weeks, then back over the long weekend for Labor Day.


@Steve1 why doesn't your wife want to come? 😥

9 days! Dd got mail from Minnie!!

Hi @Steve1, My count down is 36 days. I always seem to just miss you. Why was the DW reluctant to go? This is the happiest place on earth. Is it the long plane ride?

Great to hear from you @steve1. Last night in Indianapolis. 11.9 miles today, 12.4 miles on Thursday and Friday. Cosplay parade at Gencon today. DH plays D & D. More walking than I did at WDW. More "characters" too. Glad to hear you told DW. Is DS excited. Now I have no count since my vacation is almost over. Have a good night all.

DW hates flying so she gets all uptight. Plus she insists she has nothing to wear, so a week of shopping for shorts, sandals, Ts etc

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