Good morning all

81 days to go. I’ve not a clue how this all works.!!


I commented on your other post too. Don’t fret. We’re all learning.

10 days here and not even close to packed.

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Good morning Steve . Hi everyone

Good morning Steve! 93 days for me! My kids don’t know yet and I am having a hard time not telling them as they have been talking Disney a lot for the past few days.

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Good morning Steve, good morning Liners!

Good morning @Steve1! Countdown is 2 days. Followed by 92. 167. 211.

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Good morning y’all!! 55 days for the hubs and me first trip without the kiddos and first time at F &W. DH doesn’t want to hear the countdown because while he is excited to go, the countdown is also a reminder that his busy season at work starts when we get back!

Morning to all. 55 day till WDW for MNSSHP, 113 till DL for the Avengers half and 165 till the Dopey at WDW. Not running myself but coming in support of DD29.

Good morning Steve and fellow Liners! :smile:

Good Morning Steve and everyone else!

Good Morning! Happy Hump Day!!! :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

So… I heard the lounge was closed but do we have another “chat” thread open on here today??? Where would that be? If not can we start one???

Good morning! 10 and 97! :dancer::tada::cocktail:

Good morning everyone, 98 here.

Yeah! @Steve1 has arrived. I was feeling guilty starting your thread without you here. Let’s pick a spot for your daily count down so we can all find it. Walt Disney / Other?

In all the activity we have dropped to 8 days. I should get organized. I did find a home for the kitten we were fostering and that’s going to help get us out the door a little easier.

Good morning!!! 128 till VWL and 155 until London!!! Have a great day
everyone : )

Approx 3 wks for us!

71 for trip with my sis! And mom will join us at EP for F&W!

Good Morning Steve! This place would not be the same without you.

@MagicMN. I think other might be ok. Unsure of this place of wats suited to wat. Wats the general consensus?