Good morning. 8/18. Mon

Morning all. Have a great week , just 55 to go for me.


Morning everyone. No countdown yet, but working on one for next year.

Good morning @Steve1. Good to see you back. Morning Linahville. 26 more days!


Good Morning fingers crossed for 30 for me.


Good morning everyone! Epcot today!


Good morning @steve and liners. Waking up for last day of vacation, now in State College. Will visit DS and drive home. Back to work tomorrow. Somehow yesterday I managed to walk 4 miles in addition to the drive from indy to pa. Only driving 165 miles today vs 600. Have a great day.

Good morning @Steve1! 55 is a great number. I'm at 77. Multiples of 11 are strangely exciting.

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Good morning everyone. 26 days to go here.


Morning peeps! Lots of good short countdowns here! 169 for us.

Good morning all! Welcome back @Steve1! 11 more days! 😄

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Weird. Forums changed my number to 1? confused 277- DH has changed our TP 3 times already. We are now on sleep-in mode with slow walking and minimize walking. TP has put large breaks in the plan, hmmm?!

180 for UOR, 181 for WDW. I'll be up early tomorrow for ADRs but at the moment, no super hard to get ones, so hoping I'll be ok.

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Good morning all, 64 days for me

Hi everybody! 32 til Uni, 34 til POR!! My stomach just did a little flip!

Three days, counting today, which my phone app does not seem to count and is telling me two days. How do you all count? Do you count today? Do you could departure day?

I faxed room request this morning and ordered bottled water and milk yesterday. We got 24 bottles for 6 people for 5 days. I sort of feel like I should get another case, but DH doesn't think so. What do you smart people think? Not planning to bring them to the park necessarily - just to drink in room.

Good Morning Liners !! Thanks for looking over the countdown, @Steve1 !! Nice to chat with everyone as we get excited about our countdowns. 70 for me....another new decade tomorrow. Cheers !! smiley

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Uno!! If all goes according to plan, I'll be making my way to DME this time tomorrow (knock on wood)!! Have a magical day, everyone!


wehave2goback. Fantastic. Have a great trip

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Good day Steve. Glad to see you! 24 days here!

Thanks, @Steve1!! Just wrapped up my last meeting of the work day! Now just a few more items to "delegate" and I'll be off!!