Good morning. 25/7


Good morning liners. It's into the 70s I go. 79 days til I'm back


Good Morning, Steve! Less than 3 wks!!! smile


Hi @steve and early morning or OS liner peeps 489 for me .... Enjoying Friday night football here on a balmy winter's night in Brisbane. Have a great day everyone.


Hello! 193 here


Good morning. 16 more days until lovely Florida


Morning my friends. Hope you all have a sparkling day. Dd, friends and I heading to the beach. Hoping I can catch a nap.


Hi @TashToo - I'm in Australia as well and it's 422 countdown for me!


Good morning!! FOUR!! Crazy giddy over here!!!


Hi Steve! I'm not sure how many days I have. I'm totally over whelmed trying to figure this all out! Can you see my profile pic?


23 Good morning Liners!


Good morning!!! 126 days until Disney & 152 days until London : ). Have a great day everyone!!!


Good morning! 61! Roger Maris day perhaps? We are gearing up for FPP selections tonight just around midnight!


Good morning Linahville. SEVEN DAYS! ! Leaving the Cape tomorrow and driving to FL on Sunday.


35 days til I return to the Fatherland smile


Good morning @Steve1! 8 days, 69 days, and 167 days to go.


Morning, @steve1 and everyone. No countdown yet, but I'll live vicariously through you.


Oohhh @Tinkswdwbest where are you ... I live in Brisbane but I'm a Melbourne girl....


Love your profile pic @pod4christ 😊


70 days until Kidani!


Good morning! 346 for us.