Good EVC vendors

My mom needs an ECV. Looking for recommendations. We are going for three days and are staying on property, and taking Disney transportation.

We used Walker Mobility last time . I’ve also heard scooter bug ( I think) is a good one walker was great. The ecv was waiting at the concierge desk when we checked in and we left it with them when we checked out. They gave us a rain cover upon request :blush: They are also a preferred vendor . Make sure you choose a preferred vendor because only the preferred vendors can drop the ecv off at the hotels without you being present. I think there is a list of preferred vendors on the Disney website

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We used Buena Vista Scooters last year & I already reserved my mom’s scooter with them again for our upcoming trip. They are also a preferred vendor & like mentioned above, no matter who you choose, make sure they are preferred.
Also, about a week before your trip I recommend asking liners where a good place to charge is. I did that on site and an hour later I had a list of places in all 4 parks that was really helpful. We would charge during our only sit down meal - it put my mom at ease.

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This is the list of preferred vendors - we used Buena Vista and were very happy with them. I also heard great things about Walker but didn’t go with them as they were not preferred and we were arriving at night.

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Walker Mobility isn’t on this list but they were able to drop off/ pick up at my hotel. Maybe they changed the preferred vendors?

I don’t know, they weren’t on it early last year when I started looking and this pic is from today.