Good eats?

We are WDW fanatics but have only been to Universal once in 2014 and that was just for one day. In other words, we really know nothing! We are making another one day visit this summer, and we will probably attempt open to close, so we will need several meals and snacks. What are the most commonly agreed upon best eats in either the parks or at CityWalk? We would probably be open to counter service or sit down.

Either of the HP restaurants , Leaky Cauldron in US and The Three Broomsticks in IoA, are fab. We never miss these from a trip.
Mythos in IoA is supposed to be excellent. It’s on our list for the next trip, but no personal experience yet.
Outside the parks, Toothsome is amazing.
Big Fire Grill also gets good reviews, but again, no personal experience of that yet either (planning to go there on next trip too).


The only in park food worth eating in the parks is in the Wizarding World & Mythos.

Every other eatery is cheap amusement park food. They have great special items for HHN and Mardi Gras, but the traditional items are pretty “meh”. This is from a guy who LOVES Universal!

CityWalk is where you want to go for a TS meal at Universal. My personal favorites:

Big Fire
Toothsomes - Milkshakes only (Food is like a Cheesecake Factory)

Honorable Mentions / “Safe” chain restaurants for the picky eaters in my family
Bubba Gump
Hot Dog Hall of Fame

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I would add to @ScaffyWitch’s list and say Thunder Falls in IOA as well. I also personally like the chicken and waffle sandwich and Bumblebee Man Taco Truck in the Simpsons area as well. I consider all those, along with @ScaffyWitch’s suggestions to be better than average theme park food.


Since I live in a BBQ city, I’m pretty “fussy” about it in other places. I wasn’t impressed by Thunder Falls.

I did forget that the “Big Pink” is a great doughnut. By chance I figured out that it really does taste amazing when dunked in a Duff beer. (Which I also forgot are great. If I could get Duff at my local store it would be my regular beer. It’s really that good)

Some of the worst food I’ve ever anywhere is at Universal is at Simpsons Fast Food Blvd.

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We shared appetizers at Toothsome and called it a meal. Nachos and I can’t remember the other. VERY good, kids and adults loved them. We also loved Bubba Gumps. The food was better than what reviews portray.


For me, when I go to a theme park, I expect to have barely edible food because I don’t expect it to be high quality. If I can eat it, enjoy it and would eat it again, I typically consider it to be better than average theme park food. I think my standards are just lower at theme parks.


We liked Mythos. It wasn’t the best but it was good, and the atmosphere was fantastic. Be aware that Mythos often closes really early; when I went I had to have a 430 pm reservation b/c it closed at 5:00.


I would go with Margarettaville for a TS. If you want an appetizer that feeds a bunch you got to try the Volcano. On the other hand there is noting like a Voodoo Donut such as the Memphis Mafia for breakfast or lunch or after the parks. With Butterbeer if possible.


DH was skeptical about margaritaville but we enjoyed our meal there on our Thanksgiving trip, and I enjoyed my margarita! We had dinner at Vivo and loved it, DD11 declared she had the best spaghetti bolognese of her life.


Universal’s food has gotten way better over the past five years. Here’s some options myself or people I trust rave over

-Leaky Cauldron
-Today Cafe
-Monsters Cafe

-Three Brooms


In USF I enjoy FFB in Simpson’s but think it can be hit or miss and the quality hasn’t stayed up with the times.