Good driving map for parks and resorts within WDW?

Good afternoon! We are renting a car at MCO for our trip this weekend. I think I have figured out how to get from the airport to AoA. But what is the best reference for driving between the various theme parks and resorts? We plan to visit all 4 parks, WP, a few resort meals, and are only planning to bus to MK - all on property, though. Even with GPS (which I’ve read might be inexact for some WDW locations), I’m old school and would love a good paper map to refer to.

Is there a good one I can grab at the airport or hotel check in? I have the 2016 Unofficial Guide w Kids, not the big book - it has a map but not a big fold out one. Any other driving map recommendations? I remember some signage, but since I rode the bus last time I can’t remember if it would be sufficient. Thank you!

No map suggestion, sorry, but we used the navigation app Waze on our smart phones when we drove, and it worked great. We just plugged in the name or address of the place we were going (like “Epcot guest parking lot” or Disney’s Whatever resort) and we never got lost.

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That’s reassuring! I did copy down the physical address of the parks and resorts we’re going to, but typing in the place name to something like Waze is good peace of mind. Thanks for the confidence booster!

There’s also pretty decent signage to help you along the way. Driving there wasn’t as bad as I had expected, but then, I’m from Houston where everyone’s driving is a little aggressive, so maybe any place people aren’t driving 80 miles per hour seems ok to me.


I recommend the app WAZE

Not sure what the policy on posting links to other sources is here, so google “wdwpropertymap.pdf”… get the non-official one (first result for me).

I always wanted something like this, and while I didn’t find it until recently, I love having it… makes everything make more sense.

GPS apps and following the signs have managed to serve well enough but without a good mental image of how the roads work, we have been caught a bit off-guard by signs, missed them and had to turn around on a few occasions. We have also accidentally ended up on access ramps that sent us unintentionally on to 536 and you end up off property pretty quick.

Thanks! Waze served us pretty well, but the area around Epcot and Hollywood Studios seemed inconsistent and I did accidentally take us out of the bubble one time! I will check out this map on our next trip, which hopefully will not be too far off! :frowning:

Well darn. When I posted, I didn’t realize I had missed your departure date. Well anyhow… as you said: good for the future. I have driven 3 times fairly recently and am still glad I will have it to guide me this 4th trip without relying on Disney transportation to get to the parks.

LOL. we used the GPS on our iPhone once. We arrived at the cast member entrance to DHS!

Similar! Waze seemed to do pretty well, but Verizon GPS took us from AoA through MK parking lot to get to Wilderness Lodge! Luckily we were staying onsite so just tapped in (with free parking) and asked for directions!