Gondola station question

Hey, Are the gondola stations for Epcot and HS outside the parks? And does anyone know yet if only folks at the “gondola” resorts can use them? I would hope/think not, but thought I would check to see if anyone knew

They are outside the parks. There really isn’t any indication that non-resort guests wouldn’t be able to use them. I don’t see any reason why they would want to restrict that.

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They will be open for anyone to use, just like the monorails, buses and boats.

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I think the problem is you can’t park at any of the resorts so what would you really use the Gondolas for? Maybe go to Sebastian’s Bistro at Caribbean Beach and that’s it…

Thanks - makes sense, but now not everything at WDW makes sense sometimes :slight_smile:

exactly my plan @quicha. Bus over to Boardwalk Inn or HS and take Gondola to Sebastians for something different to do…unless I hear they are over the top HOT inside. I know that sounds like a waste of time, but my next trip will be all about taking it easy

You could ride for fun if you were at Epcot or DHS. You’d change at CBR, and you could either do the return trip or return by boat.

Or visit the Riviera resort - signature rooftop dining with views of two lots of fireworks.


oooh EVEN BETTER, but I don’t think it will be open in October unfortunately

Actually I think it could well be open by then!

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I’m dying for details of the character dining at Topolino! I think it might be a good break from our (extremely tentative) DHS day!

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aw cmon!

That would be SO AWESOME. Just checked Topolinos and that ubiquitous “fall opening” is listed. So @melcort10, if it opens before our trip, we should go :wink:

And I suppose you are okay with this?


Makes me dizzy even thinking about it. So, no. I don’t find the idea of the Gondola “fun”.

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April 30th is highlighted on ALL of my calendars for my ADR day!

(And I have gotten like 5 Copper Creek emails lately, so I know they are pushing hard on that to get ready to start selling Riviera!)


Wait, is Topolino in some weird cantilevered outdoor space?

Oh, no. That is a photo of a new observation deck being built in NYC somewhere. But I figured if you don’t mind the Gondola, you probably aren’t bothered by such observation decks!

yeeee :grin:


You do realise the gondolas will be lower than the monorail beam, right?