Gondola Rumor

Has everyone seen the Gondola rumor floating around today?? Seems like a fantastic addition to me!

Yes. Will be interesting. Hope it is done so it doesn’t look “junky”

I don’t think it will look anything like the old Skyway attraction. I would think it would look rather similar to the monorail or any other type of tram.

Definitely makes me want to buy DVC at the Caribbean even more!

I read it on WDWMagic - and the related forum discussion was already up to 16 pages a couple of hours ago. Certainly all still in the speculation stage…

Oh I know. I already wanted to buy DVC at the CBR regardless.

I’m about halfway through the forum. I gotta hand it to these guys who dig through the permits and stuff.

The part of the article that gives me pause on the whole gondola thing references how Disney is less forward-thinking with transportation and more reactionary…couldn’t agree more. Butter my butt and call me a biscuit if they go through with this. And yes, of course I’ll be happy to use this new transportation system. :wink:

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personally I can’t imagine it being efficient. Perhaps but I would think at closing time - it would be a mob scene and a half

Attraction or transportation?

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IF it is a “thing”, it would be a transportation system linking POP, CBR, DHS, and EP.

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I would think it would be much more efficient than monorail, bus or ferry. The next “car” is always right behind. It’s a constantly moving system. Each car/unit would have roughly half the capacity of a bus and would not need as much load time due to being flush with the platform.

I think one of the best “in favor” arguments for the whole system is that it would be both transportation and an attraction in and of itself. Similar to the monorail!

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I’m no expert on gondola systems, but must systems are “hub and spoke”. If the lines in the above overlay are correct, then I would imagine that the CBR “station” would actually be a “hub” with separate gondolas to EP, DHS, and POP. This would give CBR direct access to EP and DHS, but folks from POP would probably have to get off at CBR and then transfer to one of the others.

I believe they have noted that they would be the larger gondolas that are fewer and far between - however WDW seems to know what they are doing

This is going to be so dope. I hope they do this and it goes well. If so, it’s a matter of time before they expand the system to include other resorts. These things don’t take up much real estate.

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I’m waiting for THE JETSONS walkways!!!


YES!!! I really thought we’d be driving cars in the sky by now!! LOL

Some of us do!!!


Those Jetson on walkways would be so dope. It save miles and miles of walking at the D

Rumor Confirmed!

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I’m super glad that this is really happening and CANNOT wait, I’m just a little disappointed at how these sources keep saying “officially confirmed” or “announced.” I don’t quite think we are there yet. All along it’s been pieced together with permit documents and apparently the Orlando Sentinel has some emails from official sources. I haven’t really doubted that this is happening, but we’re a long way from Disney actually confirming it.