Gondola Fall 2019 Question

Just about to put our deposit on our September 2019 trip staying at Caribbean Beach 9/11/10 - 9/15/19.
We are excited as it’s our first time at this resort.
The gondolas are set to open “Fall 2019”. What do you think our chances are of actually getting able to ride these to Epcot and the Studios???

Reasonable imo.

Agreed. They have already started testing.


Yeah for once I think they might be ahead of schedule with something!

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Yes,I agree. There is a string of them hanging outside of HS today. They look ahead of schedule.

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There is still quite a bit of work to go on the stations.

And a lot of testing to be done.

They only have roughly half the cabins on site, and before they open they will do stress testing with every cabin on the lines.

Even so, they should be ready well before Fall. Whether they will open then is anyone’s guess though.

Maybe although those dates aren’t even technically fall.

I think there will be quite a bit of training of Cast Members involved as well. There isn’t a lot of margin for error in these things, so the Cast Members are going to have to be on point when it goes live

I would assume they won’t and be pleasantly surprised if they are.

I agree that they seem super ahead of schedule. My only thoughts are that I believe both lines go through the Riviera station and will they run them if that hotel isn’t open yet? Still no real opening date there.

Only one line goes through Riviera. CBR to IG. The station is separate from the resort so there would be no issues there.

They will want the gondola open before Riviera, otherwise they have to put on buses and have irate guests who booked because of the gondolas!

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