Gondola as an "Attraction"

Has anyone heard whether the Gondolas will be billed as an “Attraction” and not just transportation.
Do you think they will be used by non-resort guests as a “ride” thus affecting the waiting time for those using it to get back to their resorts?

Good question. I was dying to ride the monorail as a kid, and now my kids are eyeing skyliner videos with the same sort of excitement.

They will be billed as transportation.

But absolutely there will be visitors riding them. However most of the time that won’t be when people at the resorts on the route will be trying to get to or back from the parks.


True about the peak times people come and go.
But many other theme parks use “skyliner” type rides within their parks and they are very crowded all day. (Think: Six Flags)
When I think about it, you enter and leave the gondolas OUTSIDE the park gates.
People who do not have even park entrance tickets can actually “ride” the gondola for free. (Why not take a picnic lunch…hey it lasts longer than most rides at Disney!)

People have figured out over the years how to get free stuff from Disney. I know people who park at Disney Springs and take the free busses to the parks, just to get dropped off at the gate and avoid traffic.

And there isn’t a problem with people doing that. Just like people can ride the monorails without a park ticket. Or the boats and ferries.

Except the picnics! You’d just have got something out when you’d have to get off again.

And they stopped the buses from DS to the parks before the evening IIRC.


Good points!
We’ll just have to see how it goes.
I am staying at Art of Animation in October and picked this resort just so I could ride the Gondola to Epcot.
(Never rode the Disney monorail just for fun…get that “monorail” thrill every time I’m at the Atlanta airport!!)

I don’t think they’ll do it for coming and going because you’d still have to park at the resort. You could ride it for a mid-day break, explore and eat a resort and come back. I think this is the more likely scenario.

I think we need to pay attention to the International gateway too. Curious how crowded that will be now.


There are no buses from DS to the parks at any time just for that reason.


There are no buses from DS to any park - specifically to prevent this. Of course they could go to a resort and then to a park - but that’s hardly a time saver…

Officially they will be transportation, but I’m sure that some people will ride them “just for fun”.


I wonder how long it will take Disney to start checking magic bands. I never realized riding WDW transport “for the hell of it” was a thing.

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It gets people to resorts with restaurants, bars and stores. They won’t stop money from getting to them.


I will do most anything to avoid driving in the traffic, even if it takes longer. I believe there is a charge for parking at the resorts unless you are checked in. Sooooo…
Here’s a scenario:
Drive to Disney Springs, park your car for free in the cool of the parking garage.
Walk to the bus stop…they will take you to any resort for free so take the one that goes to Pop Century or Art of Animation, whichever comes first.
Stop off at the resort, maybe take a swim in the Disney-themed pools (I know it’s not classy, but who will know?), maybe have a snack there.
Then hop on the Gondola for a free round-trip ride around the Disney area.
Get back on the bus to Disney Springs do some leisurely shopping or take in a movie, then back to your “cool” car.

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I havent heard anything but I wonder if Disney has any plans to expand the gondolas to other resorts? It just seems so limited…

There’s a few things wrong with this…

There is no parking fee at the resorts if you are just visiting. There is a fee if you are an overnight guest.

You can’t just swim at the resort. Most of the pools are secured by gates that open with your magic band. I suppose you could piggy back in on a resort guest going into the area, but there’s no guarantee.

You could have a snack and ride the gondolas though.


If it works out well, then I suspect that they will. Perhaps AKL too AK. Some other routes might make sense too.

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Use of Disney transportation has always been allowed for visitors. They don’t need to check bands because you don’t have to stay onsite.


It wasn’t always allowed.

In the early days, you had to be staying at one of the resorts to ride the monorail. You got a ticket that allowed you to board, at least the resort monorail (I’m not sure when the express monorail started to get people from the TTC to MK).

But once they expanded the number of resorts and realised people would come and eat at some of the restaurants, they did away with the restriction.

I did read somewhere they do plan on expanding.

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Do you can park for free at a moderate or value? So if staying at WBC you could park at CBR and then take the skyline in?