Golfers: Which course at WDW?


I am missing my husband lately - we are just ships passing in the night between my crazy work schedule and getting our kids every which way. I had airline points and DVC points and – oops – booked us a three day getaway in February at no cash cost to us! :slight_smile:

I plan that this will be an almost no park trip - except for spending Valentines Day in MK at the after hours event, provided there is still availability. Aside from that, I want us to spend some slow and easy time just being together. Hubby is a golfer and I know he’d love to take in a round while there, but I’m not sure which course would be better for him. I would ride along (I haven’t learned to golf yet - maybe a lesson during this trip??), and he would need to rent clubs vs bringing his own.

Which course would you recommend? He golfs at least once weekly from April - September in a league.


My husband played the Palm last time we were there and loved it! He also played Oak Trail on a day that he did a morning in the park with me and then a short round of gold in the afternoon. He said even for a 9 hole course, it was really well kept and very nice. Maybe that would be fun if you want to give it a go one day (I’m TERRIBLE).

I know when we were trying to pick, I had a hard time finding a lot of information. Apparently golfers are not necessarily big online forum people :joy: However, when I called to make a tee time, they (as usual) were super helpful to us. Asked him how often he played, what he liked, and gave us more details to help him choose.

If it affects the way you deal with clubs, they were also great about moving clubs from course to course for us.


Thanks for this! I did manage to come across a small flyer for the golf programs when we were there in the fall - I think it was in the valet area at AKL if I remember correctly and I grabbed it in passing. It does have a little bit of information but as I am not the golfer I’m not really sure what some of it means, as related to where he typically golfs. I’m glad to hear they will be helpful in guiding me when I call to set up a tee time.


My husband golfed Lake Buena Vista twice in June having done the others in the past. He said he likes this course the best. He rented clubs and shoes. He is very picky about his clubs and was happy with theirs. Same brand he has at home. If you are staying on property you can get free taxi vouchers for transportation. You can make tee times 90 days in advance and it is cheaper to play if staying on property.


I have done some research as my DH is going to golf next week. Single golfers can only get a tee time up to 3 days in advance. They will be paired with others as available. You may ride along with him provided there is room. It costs something like $15 to $20 to do that. I believe all 3 of the 18 hole courses are quite challenging but it sounds like your husband is an experienced golfer. There are special rates for Sunrise 9 or Sunset 9 if that fits better. Usually only one of the courses is open each day for those 9 hole specials. During the week that we are there, it switches back and forth each day between the Magnolia and the Lake Buena Vista courses. The woman I spoke to at Disney Golf was very helpful.


My husband had always golfed as a single and we have made all of his tee times at 90 days. Must book on the phone you can’t do it online. He is paired with others but he likes meeting new people.


Hmm. Ok thanks. I spoke to someone on the phone earlier, and they indicated 3 days in advance. We’re just 8 days out now. I’ll have DH call.


Since your at SSR I would try Lake Burma Vista.


Burma seems a bit far but you all are the experts. Burma it is!


I have nothing meaningful to add, but “golf” spelled backwards is “flog.” Coincidence? I rather think not.


Good walk spoiled?


I’ve never played the golf, the flog, or the glof, despite how popular the first of those is around these parts. My father took me to a driving range (freakish coincidence: on the site where the office building in which I now work sits) when I was 14, and my performance was so bad that I think he gave up entirely.


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Yes I literally knew nothing. My original plan was to surprise my husband (as he is not quite the Disney lover I am), but after fruitlessly trying to figure out what was the best course for him, I finally just caved and put him on the phone. :joy::joy::joy: