Golfers any thoughts?

Hi everyone ,
My parents are in their 70’s, avid golfers, bringing their own clubs. Dad has mobility issues. Our trip is end of March. I booked them 10am tee time at Magnolia. Open to any of the courses. Wondered about the sunrise option. We are staying at AKL. Any thoughts appreciated!!!

My husband recently played for the first time during our stay. He played sunrise 9 at Magnolia and 18 at LBV and enjoyed both. Sunrise 9 is a good rate and you get a breakfast sandwich and drink included. He was a single golfer and couldn’t make tee times until 3 days prior, but he got in pretty easily. This was end of Nov.

Thank you!

We found the people who answer the phone at the phone number listed to be very knowledgeable and helpful about the courses. Also, the sunrise 9 was only offered at one course a day when we were there and it changed daily.

Thank you!

I so wanted my DH to play a round during our “just us” getaway over Valentine’s Day. He’s too much lacking in confidence and has declined. I’ll follow this thread just the same - I’m always interested in learning about the golf there so that when I learn, I can drag DH along to play there too :wink: