Golf questions - mini/regular/foot

So I have a few golf related questions…

  1. I see that you can book a “tee time” for Fantasia Gardens mini-golf. Is this necessary? Have people gone without a reservation and had to wait long?
  2. My understanding is that one can get a free taxi from hotels to the golf courses. Does this include the Swolphin?
  3. Has anyone done the foot golf at Oak Trail? (Or I guess anywhere.) Is it fun? Worth trying?
  4. Does anyone have thoughts preferences about one golf course over the other?


No it’s not necessary to book a Fantasia time in advance usually. Spring break may be a different story. I’d book it a few hours before heading over maybe just in case.

The complimentary taxi to regular Disney golf courses is only available from “Disney Resorts Collection.” Not Swan/Dolphin.

My dad prefers Lake Buena Vista course at SSR/OKW.

And yes, foot golf is fun. We’ve played here in Missouri.

My son (7) and I played the walking Oak Trail 9 hole course. It was fun, but a tough walk for him. If we hadn’t been paired with a 3rd player, I think the complaining would’ve been much worse, but would definitely do it again. He was thrilled at seeing a deer and an alligator. The golf was secondary.

I’ve only played LBV at SSR/OKW but looking forward to the others on future trips. Book an early Tee time as it gets hot out there quickly depending on time of year. LBV is very forgiving (didn’t encounter too many tight fairways) and very scenic as it takes you through the 2 resorts OKW & SSR with glimpses of Disney Springs as well. We enjoyed it. Have a blast!!

One clarification on the swolfin - we stayed there and they didn’t pick up or drop off my DH there but they would do the complimentary taxi to and from parks. He often played and then met me for dinner at a resort or a park so was still able to make use of it.

So basically he could get a free ride between golf and the parks, right? How does that get arranged?

Yep - I think he just organized it at the pro shop. Just let them know where he needed to go and they set it up with a voucher.