Golf balls and red gems

Hi, I am looking for a definitive (or whatever) list of the things I want to bring to the parks to surprise my family. There is the Mickey logo golf ball for Sorin. There are red gems for Philharmagic I think. Was there something about Seven Dwarves Mine Train?

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Hi @Quasimodo_ctl_G - gems perhaps - red, green, blue…would be fun.

Thanks Poly but I was looking for more specifics. When and what are my “capture” opportunities in each of the attractions. I think I have the golf ball one down.

Have you viewed a “ride through?” Spoiler alert!

@Quasimodo_ctl_G, the red gem in Philharmagic is “caught” during the scene with Arial. She “throws” a handful of gems. Have fun with this! I wish I would’ve known about doing this on our first trip (when my DDs were much younger).

OMG my DSs 5&7 just loved the gems in Philharmagic !!! Just awesome!!! :grin:

We got glow in the dark rocks for 7dmt. Dh caught one while drafts were digging.

Doing an adult only trip soon. Would it be weird being prepared to catch the golf ball or jewel in case we get seated beside a child? Do you think most parents would be ok with me giving it to their child or is that making them look bad?