Gold AP and blockout dates

I have a Gold/DVC AP. My nephew has a FL resident AP and I just added his ticket number to his profile on my MDE acct. My FP day for my March trip is on Saturday, so I went in to try to make a same day FP to make sure I can make them for him also. It said I couldn’t make a FP for my nephew today, but it let me do it for me. I forgot that it’s supposed to be a blockout day for Gold and FL resident AP, so I assume that’s why I couldn’t do it for him, but why did it let me make a FP for myself for today which I thought was a blockout day? Am I totally misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?

When you look at your AP in your account does it show today as a block out date? I could always see it under tickets.

It doesn’t show Jan 1 and 2 as grayed out/blocked and it let me make the FP. My nephew’s did show those days as grayed out. I wonder if it’s because I renewed my AP but I haven’t activated it yet. It lets me make FP reservations, but if I actually tried to get into a park, then I wouldn’t be able to. That’s the only thing I could think of that is different than his. We have a DVC stay in March and I’m just nervous about making FP for my nephew since he’s not on the reservation. He’s just joining us for one park day. I know I can add him to the reservation, but everyone says you don’t have to. And I was kind of thinking about getting the dining plan, and I don’t want to pay for him if he’s actually not staying with us.